Novel Tea

Yes!! So I have finally decided to get it together for the umpteenth time! I'm starting another project, or page I should say.
What is it about?
Yes, you guessed it! *wink* Nollywood!
One of my favorite ways to pastime! Whether I'm angry, sad, bored, looking for something entertaining to watch I turn to Nollywood, Nigeria's own lil hollywood. Sounds like a couch poraro* thing to say,
"yea, I watch tv for fun..."
but *coughs* I like to say it's become a bit of a skill, a sort of talent I like to think. Ask me in my sleep, and I can tell you the names of the best producers to those who do proper subtitles. Apart from the obvious like the story line, acting, and attire/costumes and yada yada I pay attention to details. I mean like, can I see the reflection of the cameraman and the microphone in the car window? That burn scar the character had 20 minutes ago, is it still there? Is it actually the characters in the living room picture frame? I'm checking for everything!

But whyyy is Nollywood even worth checking for? Here's a powerful three:
  1. It's the world's second largest film industry, second to Bollywood.
  2. It pulls $590B Annually (no be lie!)
  3. About 50 films are released weekly.
  4. It is Nigeria's second largest employer.   check my facts
So, if you're a Nollywood fanatic like me, keep up with this page to see what which films are actually worth the part 1, 2, 3, 4... you get my drift! LOL I will be your watching buddy! It's like a bag of skittles or even starbursts, I will watch the films to let you know which flavors just aren't that yummy and which ones are! And hey, if there are some big name releases that aren't really as good as they say, I'll let you know exactly why. For those of us who enjoy the films to a certain extent, Nollywood is our little gift that keeps on giving. Not alll 50 movies released each week is a hit back to back, but some of us have acquired a taste for them. All in all, sit back, relax and sip some novel tea as I work, work, work, work, work, work...


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