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Open Window

I can worry. I can, but I won't.

So much is happening. So much has happened. It's like you stay forever waiting for all of your geese to line up and then just when you think you're there, one of em is out of place again.

I can worry, but I won't.

I'm controlling. I'll admit it. I'm an analytical thinker, so I'll plan and plan and plan and analyze on how everything should be. I also know that I'm not God. Things can go to plan or they can change, so I usually have about three plans ready.

I lost someone very dear to me. One of my brothers. Life is short. Shorter than the sentence I used to state that it's short. Death can be very evil. Especially when the person is young. It has the power to change the people it did not take. I pray we change for the better. And with that, it's taught me, don't worry. Just keep praying and hoping and staying positive and let the chips fall where they may.

I'm here eating Mango Sorbet while Baby Gee makes attempts to say hi to you all by pressing keys... and this sorbet is soo against my better eating habits and the 5 lbs I've lost that Mr. Significant apparently can't see  but na him sabi. How do I say it? What am I trying to say?

It's like it finally dawned on me, why do I stress so much if it's all vanity. Vanity upon vanity is all vanity, yea I know that. Then somehow it just seems so ridiculous that I plan so much. It somehow just pushed me to really let go. Just let God do it all. To stop caring so much. Let things be out of my control and be okay with that... really dropping it in God's lap and letting it fall out of my mind. I don't have to go back and check on it to see if there's been progress. I don't have to be on pins and needles about it. I can just thank God because it will or will not happen but it is His Will.

I can worry, but I don't want to.

I rather put more trust in the people around me. Give people the benefit of doubt. Know that things will not go wrong every single time. Put more trust in God.

I won't worry.... but saying I'm bummed is an understatement. Death, it changes things. It has changed my perspective. Life sometimes, it gets tough. It's crazy that we move carry on, but you would want us to. And before I start rambling on and on and on, I just hope my family is as strong as we say we are. God please help us through these times. My new angel is someone dear to me... missing you like crazy Love.

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Novel Tea

Yes!! So I have finally decided to get it together for the umpteenth time! I'm starting another project, or page I should say.
What is it about?
Yes, you guessed it! *wink* Nollywood!
One of my favorite ways to pastime! Whether I'm angry, sad, bored, looking for something entertaining to watch I turn to Nollywood, Nigeria's own lil hollywood. Sounds like a couch poraro* thing to say,
"yea, I watch tv for fun..."
but *coughs* I like to say it's become a bit of a skill, a sort of talent I like to think. Ask me in my sleep, and I can tell you the names of the best producers to those who do proper subtitles. Apart from the obvious like the story line, acting, and attire/costumes and yada yada I pay attention to details. I mean like, can I see the reflection of the cameraman and the microphone in the car window? That burn scar the character had 20 minutes ago, is it still there? Is it actually the characters in the living room picture frame? I'm checking for everything!

But whyyy is Nollywood even worth checking for? Here's a powerful three:
  1. It's the world's second largest film industry, second to Bollywood.
  2. It pulls $590B Annually (no be lie!)
  3. About 50 films are released weekly.
  4. It is Nigeria's second largest employer.   check my facts
So, if you're a Nollywood fanatic like me, keep up with this page to see what which films are actually worth the part 1, 2, 3, 4... you get my drift! LOL I will be your watching buddy! It's like a bag of skittles or even starbursts, I will watch the films to let you know which flavors just aren't that yummy and which ones are! And hey, if there are some big name releases that aren't really as good as they say, I'll let you know exactly why. For those of us who enjoy the films to a certain extent, Nollywood is our little gift that keeps on giving. Not alll 50 movies released each week is a hit back to back, but some of us have acquired a taste for them. All in all, sit back, relax and sip some novel tea as I work, work, work, work, work, work...


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It's been a long time

Where do I start from?
How about this... I'm not single! ha-haaa. In fact, I'm a mother! What's more is I'm not married. LOL A proper yoruba person would say... Ki la gbe? Ki le ju? TRANSLATION: What did I catch? What did you throw! LOL Na so?
Ahh yes, marriage before babies is how God designed it. Yet there's no human who won't reap what they have sown. I'm fortunate to be in a relationship with the love of my life and who God has blessed us with a lil strong, active, and brilliant little boy. My boys as I like to refer to them as, they mean everything to me. Our little interesting family is my world. 2015 was a rough year and a year of silence, but these boys were and still are my blessing. Oh and happy new year.

So again, I say... It has been a long time. Obviously a lot has changed with me but oh not everything. I'm still working on this Christ like faith and I'm still a student! LOL

One thing I wish stayed constant is our relationship. Oh you didn't know we were relating...? Well when I'm here writing my personal business and what not, leaving myself open for you to judge or get acquainted with, and you there keep reading... we relating! lol
What's more is my lil website statistics says you all comeback and check on me from time to time and I do appreciate it! I have put so many things on hold in the pursuit of my dreams and I've come to realize, that's just not living. Everything done in moderation and with time, God willing eventually everything will be booming and in full bloom.

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Washing The Tea Cup

Sooooooo, I know once again I promised and did not quite deliver as I said I would. Are you quitting on me yet? Because if you did, that would make both parties (meaning me and you) equally guilty here... #JussSayin.
Ahh, yes, I promised to use 15 minute breaks to get back into writing and catch up with you all again... And it just didn't happen as quickly or as smoothly as I thought it would.

In other news, although I have been quite the busy bee, I am glad to say I have been sipping on progressivity! I wasn't sure if that was a word myself, but it is. Merriam-Webster told me so. 
Anywhoots, back to my 15 minutes of writing. Last time we spoke, I told you all my writings would be about messages that I listen to back to back and that I find really encouraging. These messages are on my laptop, my 4shared account, my phone and I need to add them to my google drive. 
Yep, it's that serious.
They are key cornerstones of my foundation. I have heard them so many times, but in various points in my life, they are always refreshing and I get a new meaning out of them. So the one I'm debuting with is Grace to Occupy by Pastor May Ijisesan, my pastor -fist pumps & shouts!- She talks about being a woman and how although you may be a mother, sister, friend, aunt, career woman and whatever else you find yourself doing... do not forget your primary reason for existence, your God given purpose.  

Not giving away all the juicy details, she discusses a scene from the movie, Iron Lady; a biography and drama on Margaret Thatcher's life. In this particular scene, Margaret Thatcher explains how she "can not die washing the tea cup" because there is more to life than that. Pastor May, goes on by saying, "get up everyday like you are starting it on purpose (intentionally)." That sentence has been keeping me up at night to continue working on my long list of "Must Get This Done" goals and getting me up early (which I am not a fan of doing). The funny part is I've heard this message so many times, I say the starting it on purpose line to myself, in Pastor May's voice! LOL

My 15 minutes are way up right now, but before I go, here is a gift. Pastor May's message cut in really cute segments just for you. Since, this is a virtual cafe and I can't serve you cute pieces of double fudge brownies (my fav)... I got you something that will last a whole lot longer (without the calories). Enjoy.

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Oh my gooodddnneesssssssss!!! I'm so exhilarated just to be pressing this keyboard and expressing my love for you! It's been a LONG hiatus, and despite what my mind says, it is over!

I am back, it's been a long time. So long I had to say it again. Well, as the title says, I've only got 15 minutes and I've used one already. Hmmm, 15 minutes for what you may ask? Well I'm not sure if I've divulged this information before, but I'm not much of a morning person and I take quite a few naps during the day. Am I that lazy or is there something wrong with me...? I'll leave that for you to decide. So in efforts to get out of bed early and to refresh my brain instead of sleeping, I'll be using 15 minute breaks to get back to blogging and my writings (yes there's a difference... in my mind).

15 minutes is enough time to do what exactly...? I think, I hope, it will be enough time to share with you some positive-tea! Yawls. (11 minutes remaining). Every week, starting with this one, I will be listening to two messages over and over and over and over again. Then maybe that same week or the following one, I'll share links with you all and express a few points that touch me.

See, my cup has been down on positive-tea and I gotta stalk up. I'm working from a negative back up again so I gots to overdose and how could I keep something so yummy all to myself? You sabi well well I could never do that! Since this is just an introduction and I gotta get backs to some other things, I'll only use 10 minutes today and uhm yea... no stress. We'll talk soon.

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I Am

I am Ola Blessed. I am Ayokumbee, full of joy. I am full of light. I contain solutions for my generation. I am full of wonders. I am uncommonly favored. Created by Love, I am love. I am at the right place at the right time. I cannot be stopped. I believe and therefore I speak and as I do so lives, are blessed. I fight to protect my joy and maintain peace. I  will utilize the gifts God has placed in me to their maximum capabilities. I will accomplish all that He has created me for before my last breath. I am not perfect, yet I am forgiven. I have and will makes mistakes, yet I am loved by The Most High. He directs me, goes before me and guides me. Therefore, I am an unstoppable force that never be ignored or overlooked. 

The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Situations and circumstances have tried to redefine me and I've been tempted to go back to the old me... very tempted. Nope! I'm not playing any gangster music. I'm not looking for no one. I'm not going to have a few drinks. I'm not chilling with any "friends" to ease the pain. Instead of that, I am counting everything as joy. After all, my life is amazing! I am blessed. These situations and challenges I am facing do not define me, yet they will refine me. Like gold in the fire, I am becoming stronger. Like a diamond under pressure, I am even more beautiful. I am pressed on every side but not destroyed, perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned (God is with me), struck down but not destroyed (2 Cor 4:8). Therefore I do not lose heart. My light shines brighter despite the present darkness. Though outwardly it seems I am wasting away, I kid you not, inwardly I am renewed day by day! I choose joy. I choose to fix my eyes on Christ, the Author and Finisher of My Story and not the circumstances around me. What I see is temporary and what He has for me is eternal. I am Ola Blessed. I refuse depression. I reject being down. I am full of joy. I am love and I am also a fighter. I fight for what is right and I win always.

-Sigh of RELIEF-
I had to write I've been quiet a long long long time, but again I refuse to let others and situations redefine me. I know who I am. If for one millisecond I forget, Jesus is sooo sweet that He sends people my way to remind me. If for one microsecond I feel weak, He sends the right people to fight with me and encourage me onwards with my journey. Thank you to Him and those of you who have been there for me. Thank you to everyone else too!! I count it alllll as joy because all things work together for my good. I overcome. I win always.

big ol kisses for everybody & dem mama dem!!
Ola B.

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Jaiye: Ola I see you're a good woman and I'm a good guy. At my age, I'm looking for something serious. My career is going really well right now and I'm at that point that I need someone by my side. Someone I can trust. I can definitely see us going places long term.
Ola: Erm....? Long term ke? About that, I'm not here for it. You are a nice guy, but I'm not sure how I feel about being with you long term. I'm saying yes for the fun....

Andy-Dwyer-Shock.gif (500×318)
Whhaaaa? You weren't expecting that huh?
How do I explain this one na?
-reaches into pocket-
Welp, all I got are excuses. Do you want them? I was looking for excitement, the thrill, and heck some dates! I will say yes to dates. and I know you must be wondering what about celibacy...? Because that doesn't sound like fun. In response, I'll say, I wasn't selling anything! Yes, I abruptly quit. 
ola's honestea, nollywood, odunlade adekoya, shocked and outraged
Back to the story....
Jaiye: Wow, I wasn't expecting that, I have to readjust and consider that.
Ola: Okay. -blinks two times- do what you have to. I understand if that's not okay with you, but I just have to be honest and lay that out there.
Jaiye: Baby!
Ola: Wait ohh, who is your baby? We didn't conclude anything yesterday.
Jaiye: We did! I'm concluding for us, this is what I want to do. I can handle it and I know you'll come around eventually.
Ola: Are you sure? -he smiles and nods- Okay ohh! I'm kind of hungry, let's go get sharwarmas.

Na so the thing start. I thought I signed up for fun and companionship. Sin is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly! We did laugh a lot and have fun but I kept having strange dreams. I spoke to friends I trusted and they told me to be careful and pray for strength and the grace to do God's will because clearly I was on a detour doing my own thang.

One day like play like play ohhhh,
I went to Le Boo's house just to gist and chill for a bit. As I was getting ready to leave, his phone rings.
Jaiye: Tobi, why are you like this? What do you mean we need to talk? About what? After how many years? I'm not even home self!
I gave him a daring stare as I put my bag back down. Tobi was the annoying ex that always wants to bring herself back into the picture. He starts motioning that I should calm down. At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Display my anger or just let it brush over? Then I remembered one of the dreams I had; where I was leaving his place and as I was leaving another female was watching me. {{{GBOSA}}} As soon as I was out of the house she knocked me clean out!
Ola: Ewwooooooo! I whispered under my breath. Could it be that woman was Tobi? 
See the thing was Tobi and I never met. She lives in a different state but her story, I knew all too well!
Ola: Jaiye where did Tobi say she is?
Jaiye: Baby don't mind that one. She's crazy. She said she's on her way here but she doesn't even know where I live! And I said I'm not around.
Ola: Ehn, I know she's crazy but are you sure she doesn't know where you live?
Jaiye: Yes na, ahh ahh are you leaving?
nollywood, 2 brides and a baby, Olas Honestea

Before reaching for the door I rolled my eyes and gave a lonnggggggg, "mscchheewwwwwwwwww!" 

Instead of turning the knob and storming out before Jaiye could say "Ola!!" I decided to look through the peep hole first. The lady was looking down at her phone, but I was very sure it was Tobi!!! Was my dream about to come to pass? Was this jealous ex about to beat me black and blue? Why the heck was I in this situation in the first place? Disobedience. God was not warning me about Jaiye because he was evil but because of the dangers lurking around dating for fun. It's not that God doesn't want me to have fun either, but I'm sure this kind of fun was not in His will anywhere for me.

In a matter of 5 seconds, I grabbed Jaiye, closed the blinds, switched off my phone, and dragged us both into the closet! His place was on the ground level and he had a back door that was easily accessible.
Tobi: Jaiye! You stupid fool! I know you're in there! Come out idiiiooottt!!!! Why are you hiding!
She worked like a whirlwind. First she's banging on the 1st door and then she's at the back door. In between she'll be silent, maybe waiting for someone to move or something.
Ola: Jaiye I asked you if you had any crazy ex'es!!! I told you I had a dream about this!! Why don't you take me seriously sometimes?
Jaiye: You told me you had a dream, not that you are psychic! And for the record, I'm not scared of her you know!! I'm only hiding because of you!!
In the dark, I stepped on his foot.
Jaiye: ohh okay!! Make I show face now so the mad woman can beat the two of us!
I hugged him with all my strength and told him not to leave.
 Oh the prayers I prayed too. See me mumbling, "God please help me get out of this with no scratches. No let my fine girl damage ohhhh! Holy Spirit show me when and how to leave this place! Jesus you didn't resurrect for me to be hiding like this, have mercy on my soul!" I bet God was just thinking, this My Ola is something ohh! After 30 minutes of silence we finally braved to come out. It was as if I was sent to a treacherous time out to think about my decision making based on flesh and emotional desires.

Ola: Jaiye if someone told me this would happen, that a whole me would hide in a closet like this for 30 mins, I would never believe.
Jaiye: Why is it always me though? Why are all my ex'es sooo crazy?
Ola: Ori e ni! You attract crazy women!! I rolled my eyes again and wasted no time to leave.

2 hours passed and Jaiye was knocking at my door.
Jaiye: I'm sorry we had to hide like that. I never would have imagined that. 10 minutes after you left she came back and searched the whole place. She said I was lucky. She was soo angry and she told me she was ready to slap any and everybody. She really didn't know where I live either, but she knows my cousins place and tricked him into showing her my place.
Ola: It is well. Sha know I'm not coming to your place again ohh!!! Let no one damage me because of jealousy.

I wish I could tell you that even with all of that madness that I ended things with Jaiye fast fast. What I learned is that when we take these detours, you know going out of God's direction to satisfy our own desires, we only mess ourselves up. It takes soo much grace, humility and strength to get out of the messes we submit to and it still takes Him. Every day after, in that relationship, I asked God for strength and that His will to be done. Messing up always seems soo easy and like it won't create a big deal, but for some stupid fun I messed up my walk of holiness. No matter how careful you could be or think you are being, outside of God's will is still a very dangerous place!

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Kadesh: Surulere

       On this dirt road, I had been on for some time.  There was shrubbery along its side, but something within me knew this wasn't my resting place. The climate was hot and dry. I wasn't to settle here. I remembered a saying that if you didn't meet success on the way, return to where you started from. As I walked determined and ready for what may come, an old lady appeared. 
       Determined to get home, I asked "Ma, can you please tell me how to get to Surulere?" 
       I woke up from that dream a bit frightened and curious. How was it that home was Surulere? Surulere is an actual place in Nigeria, but my family is not from there. Later on, I opened up to a mother I admire and as the word Surulere fell from my mouth, everything became clear. Surulere in yoruba means Patience is a Virture
      2013 definitely wasn't my favorite year. The first thing that comes to mind is I lost A Gentleman and another dear friend. I thank God because both of these remarkable men didn't leave without making an impact. 2013 was definitely a tough year. 
      Then I think about my family and my whole countenance lightens. The Barbie still smiles and everyone has beat the odds of a lot of challenges. There were goals I didn't meet and others that I surpassed; mountains that God brought me over and others I willingly circled. God fulfilled numerous promises and strengthened my faith by making me wait for others. 
More things than I can share happened in 2013 and I'm glad that the journey still continues. 

     When it comes to self evaluation, the greatest thing I am proud of this year is definitely that I never gave up on myself. Despite the oppositions, I have continued to PUSH; just like in the dream. I am not yet where I would like to be but I am not where I was. Cliche innit? But there's soo much truth in it. I'm not settling for here. I am more encouraged than ever to actively and persistently wait to get there. I'm not in a rush to be the 100% perfect Ola that I have envisioned for years. This may seem funny because I write and I have others write on here about Power In The Process and Not Stressing but there's a big difference between knowing something and living it. The latter, I'm finally doing. I've given myself some breathing space, a lil room to dance over my victories no matter how small and some time to recuperate after my mistakes before getting up and trying again. That's my end of the year reward to myself. And I Love It. 
So I'm going into 2014 with my head held high, draped in His Love, Mercy and Grace, with joy in my belly and this year I will enjoy the process. No matter what it brings. Like the song goes:
Ara san,
Ategun fe,
Iji ja ko gbe wa lo!
Oye ka dupe.

Thunder struck,
The wind blew,
The hurricane bellowed, but it didn't take us away!
We ought to be grateful!

And at the end of it all, that I extremely am.

Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait I say on the Lord.

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I had my last $5 (cash) to my name and I woke up wondering,
God how is this day gonna go? Can you see how your child is living? I don't want to be that broke girl who relies on other people until the tides are up again. What are you going to do about this?

An awesome friend of mine knew of my situation and offered to loan me some funds until things turned around, but pride no make I agree. So I made breakfast and just sighed knowing I wasn't sure if and what I would have for lunch time.

On the way home from school with a group of friends, someone suggested we stop by the local buka {eatery} and get some chicken. Each person only had to pitch in $5. It was a pretty large portion of chicken for $5 oh. So I did it, at least I could go home, cook some of the rice I grabbed from my momma's house and eat it with the chicken. All the while, I still had that fear in the back of my mind... where will my next meal come from? All my cash is spent!
I wish I had suya, it was just grilled chicken... anywhoo keep reading :)
 After I had belle full {over stuffed my belly} and was getting ready to rest a for a bit, there was a knock on the door.
"Hey Princessa!" It was my landlady! "How was school? Why didn't you come see me when you came back?" I was taken aback a bit. I wasn't expecting her and wasn't sure why she wanted me to stop by. My roommate and I just moved in and took up a lot of her time yesterday. 
"Oh, I was sooo hungry after class, I had to come home quickly to make some rice to eat with some chicken that I bought. And then get some rest before i start studying again."
"Oh Princessa! Why you no tell me? Why did you buy the food? I'll make some chicken and rice for you." I've been island living so long that when I'm not in school, I'm so used to speaking the broken English that people are more comfortable speaking it with me! 

Anywhoo, for some reason I thought my she was joking about cooking. You now, like kinda giving me a heads up about how I should just come to her next time instead of spending money on food. And besides I already ate the chicken with the rice. But not long later, I learned ohhh! Apparently she used to own her own restaurant! The women loves to cook and it's clear! She came back upstairs with a plate of rice, chicken, black beans & rice, and salad. Lemme tell you I hugged and kissed this woman and ate every single morsel! 

After eating ohhh, see my classmate knocking on my door. "Ola are you getting ready?!" Haba, ready for weytin oh I thought. 
"Why should I be getting ready? What's happening?" 
"The school ceremony! You forgot already? We have an hour! Let's GO!" 
"It's true ooohhhhh!" My roommate said. Half of my evening was gone and I wasn't looking forward to any outing. After all I've eaten, what's next is to study.

I turned to my roommate and said, "ehm, babe, I'm not staying long here. I have assignments to finish. What do they have to say anyway that I should stay to the end?" Welp, we agreed to leave early, but somehow, after seeing everyone and actually having some fun, we ended up staying to the end. Surprised? 

After all the long speeches and introductions and encouragements for the semester, the dean announced food was ready. "Which food they wan serve again? mssscchhheewww Na bread and crackers they go give.... buhhh ehm, let's at least check it out...." Much to my surprise, I ate my former sentence very quickly. Shrimp, roast beef garnished with olives, cheese cakes, mini fruit tarts! As in, they really prepared dinner for us! And again, Ola Blessed Baby ate. I was stuffed...again and even stuffed some food in my purse in case I got hungry while the inevitable late night studying that awaited me at home!!!! 
{SN: Don't act like you've never done it ohh!! Even Naija Wife has confessed to this too!}

As we started heading home, my friends and I discussed how much fun we had and how awesome the evening turned out to be. When we finally got home, I couldn't help it anymore. I started laughing at myself at how much food I ate throughout the whole day. I woke up that morning very aware of how little I had and complained to God as if He had suddenly started slacking in His responsibilities as Primary Care Taker. It's so cliche, but this was a prime example of me being cognizant of how big my troubles were and ignoring how big My Father is. Gluttony definitely was one of the sins I committed that day, but more than anything, I'm sure God was showing me that He truly is a God of abundance. Phillipians 4:19 surely came to life as He provided according to what He has and not whatever change I had in my pocket. Apparently His point was prosperity isn't how much you have, but having Him means I will always have what I need when I need it... and much more.

Still with a smile on my face I laid down thinking, Okay ohhhhh! Baba mi {My Father} I heard you ohhh! Tomorrow, I will start by saying good morning to you instead of counting my problems, abi what I think are problems but clearly aren't an issue to You. Thanks for the good laugh and good food! Oh and thanks for reminding me who's the boss between us two!

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Okay so this is probably a very wrong time for me to be catching up on my writings, BUT I so dearly missed you guys and I got out of class early AND I'm in a really really really good mood.
Without revealing my entire life situation and inciting my parents to come after me because of improper internet etiquette and lack of identity protection and what have you, all I can say is I've been truly busy and there's been tons of progression. Somehow ohhh, Muyo & Ms. Yawa are also very engaged with their lives too. We have to have all around progress in every area of our lives. Shey bi you get {Translation: You do understand}?  Ehn, so we must to work hard. No worries sha, we'll all correct and adjust so you can have plenty tea soon.

But ehm ehm, what has brought me here today? Well, weytin else but love na? I just heard this song and boyyy my head is spinning! What else should I have done when I saw something sooo appropriate? Give a shourrouutts to my Aboko Ku (husband spoilers), Over Lovers, Helpless Romantics... what else do we call ourselves? Anyway sha, to all my Somori's that fit into this category, ENJOY! 
Take care of you my loves!

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