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Who be Ola sef?


     Pardon my manners, I realized I never properly introduced myself! Bonjour! I Am Ola Blessed and I'm on a mission.

      I'm a twenty-sum'n year old lady who loves to talk! Talking is futile without a purpose, hence the mission!
     My life is centered around a Role Model who gave me a manual, a constitution of a sort, to live by with the goal of teaching me how to effectively live this beautiful life. Sounds awkward right? I know! Welp, He that I speak of is  the King, Christ. We're pretty cool. He's my number one homie! Him and His Crew! Yes, me, Him, Holy Spirit and The Father get together and have a blast... Not always though because sometimes I'm in trouble, but hey it's all for the benefit of The Family!

So yep, I'm pretty much geared at showing you, my wonderful Tea drinkers, that Christ followers are not a bunch of weirdos! We are all human and I've found our struggles are fairly similar. We just choose to handle them differently. Well, my approach has been to handle them honestly and with integrity. I won't lie, that wasn't originally my idea *cough* but I'm happy He opened my eyes. ^_^

By now you're probably wondering, what in the world is this child doing in these photos? I'm speaking nah! I love speaking! In fact, I do believe I was created to speak, according to the mission! Okay, okay, I've mentioned mission and speaking how many times now, I'm sure you want to know other things too right? Well, I am a Nigerian-American hailing from the mighty Chicago! Yelz that means I'm a yankee dweller. Yes na me be the true definition of African-American, and I love it. Maybe you too see am how I try to switch from pidgin english to proper english... Never vex or worry you'll quickly catch up on my lingo soon enough.

Here in this expanding space, together we'll sip on some Honest Tea, discuss Rehab, leave stains of Purple Kisses, get real Chat Tea, and Say Whhaaaa to just about everythang! Yup, that's what we have gathered here for! Yelz, so now that you know more about this focused, spunky, passionate, high spirited,  gifted and special lady, it is yo turn to disclose! Yes na, this is a we thing! Let me hear from you! Let's discuss and converse peacefully while we dig into these topics! Tell me your thoughts, dislikes, what you agree with and just can't stand! Why? In my culture there's a proverb that says the stew is sweeter when it's enjoyed by many! > Translation < Success is sweeter when it is collectively shared by many. Besides, there's always a constant ton of Honest Tea brewing, you don't suppose I drink it all by myself do you? My momma taught me better! Sharing is caring...

With Integrity,
Ola Blessed

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  1. Na u be the Honest tea Ola.. I love ur blog!!!


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