I’ve been on a high. My birthday was everything and more. I’m in a way better space mentally, that I once only dreamed of. I’m efficient. I’m happier. I’m silently making moves mayne 😝.

Even with that 😅 days like today still come. I’m not sure if it’s hormones or if things are actually overwhelming. All I know is the pressure is real. Adulting is tough! Lol I kinda feel like I’m being pulled in soo many different and important directions. Then I look at myself and ask, “So what is Ola going to do..?”

I’m lying 😅😂 I pout first. Maybe I cry a lil. Have a million racing thoughts. Look for a few distractions, which don’t keep my attention but for a few hours, if that. Then I call close friends and break down. They’ll tell me, you right bro, things are tough but we shall survive. We got this. Aaannndddddd thennn…. Oh wait, in the mix of this I deflee will have bad eating habits. Maybe some ice cream while I’m pouting 😅 aaaaannnnnddddd ttthheennnnnn, I remember;

“Out of a challenge, obstacles, pain, uncomfort, God may birth something new. That new thing may be the solution to your break through.” 

And I remember to ask for; 

“The strength to accept what I can’t change and the courage to change what I can.”

And then 💥BOOM💥 the lists and ideas start coming. What, right now, in my uncomfortable situation can I change? What do I actually have control over?
See, yesterday was rough my friends, rough, rough. In fact ehn, I’m proud of myself. I pouted for maybe 3 hours and went through the whole above process a bit quicker than usual. But hey, things have been going fairly well. Things have been going good. So now that I’m uncomfortable, it’s time to make moves! Maybe I’ve been too comfortable.

I’m goal oriented 🤷🏾‍♀️ I like to be in control. I like to see results. I like forward progression. I also understand not everything is controllable. But the things I can control… (things na, no be people I de talk of ooh. I mean like finances, education, health, relationship with God… you know na, you sabi am… those things wey we get power over without abusing others or even ourselves) I put in a great effort to get results that I want.

So yes, challenges I see you. I’m done pouting now so I’m no longer scared 😏 I got this. I is a boss! I is powerful. I is using what I have to make ways for me.
Maybe Baba God made me uncomfortable today so I can get a move on all those moves I’ve been mentally planning and not acting on lol I is ready now 😝

What about you? What’s your process like? What’s in your control that you’re not controlling? The funny thing about challenges God throws at us is maybe the solutions we create for ourselves are needed on a larger scale and that scale comes back with coins for yo bag! 😏 Yo, make we use these talents to make some money mehn! Remember, “if it’s not making money, it’s not making sense!” But wait ooh! No go turn stripper or drug dealer ooh!! I no send you! Use brain! Think about it!


  1. I love this is so true! I feel god puts in difficult situations because he wants us to know are full potential.. I go through this same process to the point have no more tears to cry.. thank so much for writing something so relatable to life. That we don’t have control over everything but the things we do have control over we should start taking full advantage of .. I read somewhere that life is 10% of what is brought to us and 90% what we do and this is perfect example. I’m so happy for you Aunty I can tell you very passionate about this and I know God is just getting started with you. You have been impacting my life for a long time I can’t wait for you to impact other young women lives ..

    1. Real tears 😭😭 you my boo ❤️ Please share and be on the look out for my YouTube channel 🙏🏽 Soon Coming 🥰


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