How do I say hello after such a long time?! Actually, I missed you a lot... like a lot, a lot and I thought about you every day!

It’s been a long while and you can imagine and seeeee so much has changed. For starters, I’m a single mom!! I know right?! Didn’t see that coming, huh... well neither did I 🤷🏽‍♀️ But one thing dey for sure (yes I’m still razz... that one no change. In fact I razz more, but as we dey talk am...) As I dey for this world, I enjoy am paassssssss. As in, I’m not where I want to be but this boy, this my pekin ehn, this thing called motherhood, it is sweet 🍭
It is the one thing I’m fully confident in right now.
Very recently, a mama to be shared on instagram how she overcame her fears and anxieties as her world is about to change. And it just melted my heart. It reminded me of me then. Anxiety, the fears, the drama.... am I capable?! In fact I was not, but God and the amazing little boy growing inside my womb, Mr Gee. All his names have to do with Joy and blessings because the boy brought it! Lol in fact he BRINGS it!
So as I found myself as a single mom from a failed engagement, I just begged God to strengthen me to be this boy’s blessing as he is mine. And I’m incredibly grateful. In fact when people talk their version of my story and count all of my mistakes, I’m cool. Everyone makes them right? But don’t make the error of calling him a mistake. Just be ready to fight or for me to treat you as a nonentity. Because that’s what you automatically become. Everybody born pekin ooh, but this one came and motivated me when I had no reason to continue. I could be at my lowest and he would make me laugh. We laugh a lot together. He’s my mini me, but friendlier... and funnier. 

So here's to motherhood, my lovely boy, blogging and new beginnings 🥂

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