Yelz I'm Celibating

Lately, my eyes urm *cough* have urm noticed the beauty in men of urm different ethnicities... 
What I'm tryna say is I've been suffering from chooking eye syndrome. What is chooking eye syndrome? Keep reading to better understand...
Let's start by breaking down the name:
Chooking: a verb of pidgin origin; to poke, nudge, push or jab at
Therefore Chooking Eye is an eye that stares with such intensity it's said to have the strength to actively push or jab. Chooking Eye Syndrome is the habit of such action.
Disclaimer, I did not coin this term! A few jagudas in Chicago taught me.
I bet you're thinking, Ola weytin you de chook with your eyes oh?
Well, suddenly my eyes have noticed that all kinds of men are beautiful. I just pray no one catches me while I'm noticing! :-/ Usually, only black guys, catch my attention, but um due to my current state... All men are beautiful! LOL You want to know which state abi? The state of celibacy! Yelz, I'm Celibating very seriously and I no fit stop until its appropriate time.  I know you, you like to ask questions... What is the appropriate time you say?
Approximately, 12 to 18 hours after the 1st Rib and I say, 
I'm celibating!
I tweeted this recently and afterwards I wondered whorraheck is my problem oh? Is my father a town crier that I must publicize my status? Then I asked myself, Weytin I get to be ashamed of? It's an honorable thing! At times, ehn, people define celibacy and virginity in all kinds of different ways. So let me explain my own...

Romans 12:1
I appeal to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [All] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all of your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy, (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.

SN: did you see that? It's Kadesh: holy, devoted, consecrated!

This means, that my mind and body must cooperate with my Spirit. 
I can't believe I'm saying all of this, 
but uhm no *cough* self-gratification
no checking out guys and later *cough* "day dreaming"
no lip locking
no pecks
no music that makes me wanna give pecks or gy-gy-gyrate!
no overly comfortable friendships/relationships with any guy so I wont happen to just be hanging out  and nothing  just happens. 

yea... it's that serious. 
Don't get me wrong oh, when I say my eyes are chooking, I mean the term loosely. I've just found myself attracted to more than just black men. And I've actively decided to keep considerable distance so the attraction doesn't blossom inappropriately.
Abeg jare, the ups and downs of having sex before marriage is too much for me. I can't take am. I'm done.
It no be say this thing be play oh! It gets tough. No doubt BUT I'm standing my ground sha.
So Help Me God!
I've even taken it upon myself to celebrate my celibacy. Yelz, I'm serious. I honor the day I decided I would stop giving my love away without an "I do." I decided that I don't!
I call it my Single Lady Day.
I must to celebrate na! People in relationships/coupled/married up celebrate their own days abi. Make I jolly and create my own day too! It just so happens that the day I celebrate in July is also my Nappiversary! 6 years natural! It coincides with my Single Lady Day numerically on a few levels, but I refuse to dish out that info! LOL I'm not that bold!
This is the 1st time I've ever been so bold and encouraged about my celibacy, so be nice! On the 4th wish me a Happy Single Lady Day (This term is copyrighted and I will press charges!!!! LOL but give a babe some credit)!

Also, other ladies and gents, feel free and BOLD lol to share your celibacy status on this blogpot, on twitter... whatever wherever! Everyone else is boldly sharing their sexual activities... why can't we? Well better yet, the decisive action of the lack thereof! Too much grammar abi? Abeg, make I study jare.

If you're not already, follow me, Ms. Ola Blessed, on twitter!
Stay Blessed.

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