One: A Dream State

Photo by Fred Mathews
After a long day at the hospital, I'm excited to arrive at my front door. I put my key inside the lock, push the door open, and there I am. Our haven of peace and joy. I place my things down at the table and a sistah's hongry so I head to the kitchen while I yell, "Hey babe!" 
Yasss, my portion of the dinner I prepared for the evening before heading to work has been carefully dished out for me! His very smooth self whispers, "Hey Beautiful" as he embraces me with a kiss. I finally get situated next to him with my dinner plate while he diligently works on (choose from: family budget, editing one of my books, working on his own book, work from work, personal entrepreneurial work, or ministerial/Kingdom work or some other related material). 
After discussing small talk, either of, or two things happen... 1. I go off into "Baby you know what...." revealing a pool of thoughts that have been swarming around inside my head while he guides me through and helps me enhance these ideas or adds clarity to whatever it is I'm pondering. OR/AND 2. He shares with me ideas that will improve our lives, something that the Ultimate Love has discussed with him, tells me something I need to get my act straight over, or something that made him laugh
I'm full and we're both sleepy. It's time to wash the dishes, put my kitchen in order and prepare for the next day. Most times, he decides to help me but this time he waits in the bedroom where I later join him. This is the part where sleep leaves our vocabulary because uh, it is time to play...

Clearly, this is a dream. (what, did him helping me out in the kitchen most times give it away...? Look this is my dream. find ya own to regulate chale!) More specifically, this is my desire. It's probably not how you expected me to open up this discussion of why I'm so thirsty either huh? 
Pause: If you were expecting that dream to continue with some 50 Shades of Grey action to carry on, Sorry! I gotsta keep my mind and blog clean. #Kadesh is a lifestyle yo!
What I tried to display here are a few things... 
Yes I want someone,
but not just anyone.
1st Rib must be a man of outstanding caliber.
Recognize what is of great quality to me may not be of much importance to you. Why is that? Because we're different people and as such we place priority on different things due to an array of reasons.
I promise you, if I start going into details on what I prioritize in a man and why, this post go neva finish jare!
So I've decided to start something a little different. 
Here, I'll do an outline of priorities/characteristics in no specific ranking.
and nah son! This is NOT a get Ola B a man with this list of characteristics!
1. Eagerness to be Understood (I'll explain, I promise)!
2. Intimate Communication.
3. Cherishes his Queens (not an indication of a polygamous relationship)
4. One who Nourishes and Cultivates his environment
5. One who Excels and Dominates
6. Understands and Exercises his Authority
7. An Initiator who Suppresses The Crazy in Me

Later, I'll enunciate on these characteristics and divulge about a thing or two.
All in all sha, Thirstiness, in other words desperation, is never a good thing. It never has been and never will be. One must learn to enjoy the day, as one waits. That's a lot more fun than watching the clock waiting for something to happen... or finding someone to have fun with in the meantime.
Trust Me On This One. 
(begins to roll eyes, shake head and fist, and sigh at the recollection of all the dumb stuff glancing at the clock and sun every 5 seconds has led me to do)
*ehm ehm: recomposes*
I'm learning to uh let my 'fro out, put my favorite records on, dance, and enjoy being His delight.
Join me?

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