A Dash of Lime & A Spoon of Honey

I had a special guest last week. 
It was a very ironic but much needed & appreciated visit.
It was my dear mama!!!
I may be the biggest 20 something year old baby, but i'm okay with that!
Although it was exam week, we had a blast!
I actually left my books (for a short period, but still it's more than I usually would) and went snorkeling, swimming, to a restaurant...
It was beautiful.
She rested and i spent an amazing total of $4 on food which is a drastic drop from the usual $80 plus during exam week.
(don't judge me) 
Who has time to cook when there's so much material to review? 
Anywhoo, let me explain why the trip was ironic...
My mother and I used to have the roughest time communicating and like many other mother daughter combos we clashed heads a lot; especially on the subject of career.
I had given up on a dream and she was determined not to give up on me.
So it was funny because I am clearly eating up all my words and harsh comments that I made to her during that time period and even excelling contrary to my backwards thinking then.
Unfortunately she was used to me taking her for granted and giving her a hard time, but here i am a whole year later excelling and thriving because she (amongst many) believed in me and didn't give up on me. We were both beautifully & pleasantly surprised at the turn that life took and the road it brought us to.
Back then, it was rough for me. I was having a bitter time in my life on all sides. Nothing seemed to work. Most days were as sour as limes but I put a smile on my face and I prayed and pressed forward. I can smile now and look back like yes!! I made it!! Like dang!! I thought those times would kill! I couldn't comprehend why things wouldn't just come together. Although I didn't believe it then, I now see it's because there really was something better being prepared for me.
As Big Boi says, 
"God don't make mistakes, there must be something bigger waiting."

Just realizing that I had truly learned and overcome that trial period in my life made me look back even further and mayne my smile and day kept getting brighter!
With that being said, I gotta start planning my birthday party!
I'm not around family and friends like I'm used to but this is a significant year for me! 
I'll share details on why later...

Sometimes I think about it all and I'm shocked at how sweet my life is now!
All those mistakes that I thought could never be erased! 
Mehn, those lemon-lime times definitely make these honey days that much more sweeter! 

"Day is longer for those that day dream
Night is Longer for those who Make Dreams Come True."
A friend told me this a few years ago and it has been stuck on me since!
In my bible, it's right underneath "sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning!" lol

P.S. why are you all soo quiet!!! Be nice and leave a comment! 

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