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It's been a long time

Where do I start from?
How about this... I'm not single! ha-haaa. In fact, I'm a mother! What's more is I'm not married. LOL A proper yoruba person would say... Ki la gbe? Ki le ju? TRANSLATION: What did I catch? What did you throw! LOL Na so?
Ahh yes, marriage before babies is how God designed it. Yet there's no human who won't reap what they have sown. I'm fortunate to be in a relationship with the love of my life and who God has blessed us with a lil strong, active, and brilliant little boy. My boys as I like to refer to them as, they mean everything to me. Our little interesting family is my world. 2015 was a rough year and a year of silence, but these boys were and still are my blessing. Oh and happy new year.

So again, I say... It has been a long time. Obviously a lot has changed with me but oh not everything. I'm still working on this Christ like faith and I'm still a student! LOL

One thing I wish stayed constant is our relationship. Oh you didn't know we were relating...? Well when I'm here writing my personal business and what not, leaving myself open for you to judge or get acquainted with, and you there keep reading... we relating! lol
What's more is my lil website statistics says you all comeback and check on me from time to time and I do appreciate it! I have put so many things on hold in the pursuit of my dreams and I've come to realize, that's just not living. Everything done in moderation and with time, God willing eventually everything will be booming and in full bloom.

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4 sentiments:

  1. Welcome back!!
    Im glad you are happy and dusted urself off the trials in 2015. Now is the time to get back to a brighter and better Laide (the laide of the popular iya laide).
    Im looking forward to a creative and successful 2016

    1. hmmmm "Unknown" seems to know me very well! Thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes, here's to a successful 2016 by God's grace.

  2. Here for the first time because my nosiness is on 10 tonight. Bored at work as usual and decided to mind my facebook friends business and baaaaammm i found this tea! Very sweet i must confess. HAAAAA you are not married *claps three times like a typical village woman* o ma se o, what is this world turning to, awon omo isin yi sha *sigh* (lol did you get the reaction you expect?). well about the relating issue, hold up ma'am! Don't scare me away now, i hate commitment. I enjoyed this, God bless your family. Keep up the good work, God is your strength.

    1. Wa s'ere!!! LMAO!!!!! You are committed to this relationship! You will be committed to this wan! In fact, you will brag to all of your friends about this our relating matters! LOL you are so much fun and you ginger me always! God strengthen and bless us all. Thank you for minding my business ;)


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