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Washing The Tea Cup

Sooooooo, I know once again I promised and did not quite deliver as I said I would. Are you quitting on me yet? Because if you did, that would make both parties (meaning me and you) equally guilty here... #JussSayin.
Ahh, yes, I promised to use 15 minute breaks to get back into writing and catch up with you all again... And it just didn't happen as quickly or as smoothly as I thought it would.

In other news, although I have been quite the busy bee, I am glad to say I have been sipping on progressivity! I wasn't sure if that was a word myself, but it is. Merriam-Webster told me so. 
Anywhoots, back to my 15 minutes of writing. Last time we spoke, I told you all my writings would be about messages that I listen to back to back and that I find really encouraging. These messages are on my laptop, my 4shared account, my phone and I need to add them to my google drive. 
Yep, it's that serious.
They are key cornerstones of my foundation. I have heard them so many times, but in various points in my life, they are always refreshing and I get a new meaning out of them. So the one I'm debuting with is Grace to Occupy by Pastor May Ijisesan, my pastor -fist pumps & shouts!- She talks about being a woman and how although you may be a mother, sister, friend, aunt, career woman and whatever else you find yourself doing... do not forget your primary reason for existence, your God given purpose.  

Not giving away all the juicy details, she discusses a scene from the movie, Iron Lady; a biography and drama on Margaret Thatcher's life. In this particular scene, Margaret Thatcher explains how she "can not die washing the tea cup" because there is more to life than that. Pastor May, goes on by saying, "get up everyday like you are starting it on purpose (intentionally)." That sentence has been keeping me up at night to continue working on my long list of "Must Get This Done" goals and getting me up early (which I am not a fan of doing). The funny part is I've heard this message so many times, I say the starting it on purpose line to myself, in Pastor May's voice! LOL

My 15 minutes are way up right now, but before I go, here is a gift. Pastor May's message cut in really cute segments just for you. Since, this is a virtual cafe and I can't serve you cute pieces of double fudge brownies (my fav)... I got you something that will last a whole lot longer (without the calories). Enjoy.

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