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I Am

I am Ola Blessed. I am Ayokumbee, full of joy. I am full of light. I contain solutions for my generation. I am full of wonders. I am uncommonly favored. Created by Love, I am love. I am at the right place at the right time. I cannot be stopped. I believe and therefore I speak and as I do so lives, are blessed. I fight to protect my joy and maintain peace. I  will utilize the gifts God has placed in me to their maximum capabilities. I will accomplish all that He has created me for before my last breath. I am not perfect, yet I am forgiven. I have and will makes mistakes, yet I am loved by The Most High. He directs me, goes before me and guides me. Therefore, I am an unstoppable force that never be ignored or overlooked. 

The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Situations and circumstances have tried to redefine me and I've been tempted to go back to the old me... very tempted. Nope! I'm not playing any gangster music. I'm not looking for no one. I'm not going to have a few drinks. I'm not chilling with any "friends" to ease the pain. Instead of that, I am counting everything as joy. After all, my life is amazing! I am blessed. These situations and challenges I am facing do not define me, yet they will refine me. Like gold in the fire, I am becoming stronger. Like a diamond under pressure, I am even more beautiful. I am pressed on every side but not destroyed, perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned (God is with me), struck down but not destroyed (2 Cor 4:8). Therefore I do not lose heart. My light shines brighter despite the present darkness. Though outwardly it seems I am wasting away, I kid you not, inwardly I am renewed day by day! I choose joy. I choose to fix my eyes on Christ, the Author and Finisher of My Story and not the circumstances around me. What I see is temporary and what He has for me is eternal. I am Ola Blessed. I refuse depression. I reject being down. I am full of joy. I am love and I am also a fighter. I fight for what is right and I win always.

-Sigh of RELIEF-
I had to write I've been quiet a long long long time, but again I refuse to let others and situations redefine me. I know who I am. If for one millisecond I forget, Jesus is sooo sweet that He sends people my way to remind me. If for one microsecond I feel weak, He sends the right people to fight with me and encourage me onwards with my journey. Thank you to Him and those of you who have been there for me. Thank you to everyone else too!! I count it alllll as joy because all things work together for my good. I overcome. I win always.

big ol kisses for everybody & dem mama dem!!
Ola B.

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