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Jaiye: Ola I see you're a good woman and I'm a good guy. At my age, I'm looking for something serious. My career is going really well right now and I'm at that point that I need someone by my side. Someone I can trust. I can definitely see us going places long term.
Ola: Erm....? Long term ke? About that, I'm not here for it. You are a nice guy, but I'm not sure how I feel about being with you long term. I'm saying yes for the fun....

Andy-Dwyer-Shock.gif (500×318)
Whhaaaa? You weren't expecting that huh?
How do I explain this one na?
-reaches into pocket-
Welp, all I got are excuses. Do you want them? I was looking for excitement, the thrill, and heck some dates! I will say yes to dates. and I know you must be wondering what about celibacy...? Because that doesn't sound like fun. In response, I'll say, I wasn't selling anything! Yes, I abruptly quit. 
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Back to the story....
Jaiye: Wow, I wasn't expecting that, I have to readjust and consider that.
Ola: Okay. -blinks two times- do what you have to. I understand if that's not okay with you, but I just have to be honest and lay that out there.
Jaiye: Baby!
Ola: Wait ohh, who is your baby? We didn't conclude anything yesterday.
Jaiye: We did! I'm concluding for us, this is what I want to do. I can handle it and I know you'll come around eventually.
Ola: Are you sure? -he smiles and nods- Okay ohh! I'm kind of hungry, let's go get sharwarmas.

Na so the thing start. I thought I signed up for fun and companionship. Sin is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly! We did laugh a lot and have fun but I kept having strange dreams. I spoke to friends I trusted and they told me to be careful and pray for strength and the grace to do God's will because clearly I was on a detour doing my own thang.

One day like play like play ohhhh,
I went to Le Boo's house just to gist and chill for a bit. As I was getting ready to leave, his phone rings.
Jaiye: Tobi, why are you like this? What do you mean we need to talk? About what? After how many years? I'm not even home self!
I gave him a daring stare as I put my bag back down. Tobi was the annoying ex that always wants to bring herself back into the picture. He starts motioning that I should calm down. At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Display my anger or just let it brush over? Then I remembered one of the dreams I had; where I was leaving his place and as I was leaving another female was watching me. {{{GBOSA}}} As soon as I was out of the house she knocked me clean out!
Ola: Ewwooooooo! I whispered under my breath. Could it be that woman was Tobi? 
See the thing was Tobi and I never met. She lives in a different state but her story, I knew all too well!
Ola: Jaiye where did Tobi say she is?
Jaiye: Baby don't mind that one. She's crazy. She said she's on her way here but she doesn't even know where I live! And I said I'm not around.
Ola: Ehn, I know she's crazy but are you sure she doesn't know where you live?
Jaiye: Yes na, ahh ahh are you leaving?
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Before reaching for the door I rolled my eyes and gave a lonnggggggg, "mscchheewwwwwwwwww!" 

Instead of turning the knob and storming out before Jaiye could say "Ola!!" I decided to look through the peep hole first. The lady was looking down at her phone, but I was very sure it was Tobi!!! Was my dream about to come to pass? Was this jealous ex about to beat me black and blue? Why the heck was I in this situation in the first place? Disobedience. God was not warning me about Jaiye because he was evil but because of the dangers lurking around dating for fun. It's not that God doesn't want me to have fun either, but I'm sure this kind of fun was not in His will anywhere for me.

In a matter of 5 seconds, I grabbed Jaiye, closed the blinds, switched off my phone, and dragged us both into the closet! His place was on the ground level and he had a back door that was easily accessible.
Tobi: Jaiye! You stupid fool! I know you're in there! Come out idiiiooottt!!!! Why are you hiding!
She worked like a whirlwind. First she's banging on the 1st door and then she's at the back door. In between she'll be silent, maybe waiting for someone to move or something.
Ola: Jaiye I asked you if you had any crazy ex'es!!! I told you I had a dream about this!! Why don't you take me seriously sometimes?
Jaiye: You told me you had a dream, not that you are psychic! And for the record, I'm not scared of her you know!! I'm only hiding because of you!!
In the dark, I stepped on his foot.
Jaiye: ohh okay!! Make I show face now so the mad woman can beat the two of us!
I hugged him with all my strength and told him not to leave.
 Oh the prayers I prayed too. See me mumbling, "God please help me get out of this with no scratches. No let my fine girl damage ohhhh! Holy Spirit show me when and how to leave this place! Jesus you didn't resurrect for me to be hiding like this, have mercy on my soul!" I bet God was just thinking, this My Ola is something ohh! After 30 minutes of silence we finally braved to come out. It was as if I was sent to a treacherous time out to think about my decision making based on flesh and emotional desires.

Ola: Jaiye if someone told me this would happen, that a whole me would hide in a closet like this for 30 mins, I would never believe.
Jaiye: Why is it always me though? Why are all my ex'es sooo crazy?
Ola: Ori e ni! You attract crazy women!! I rolled my eyes again and wasted no time to leave.

2 hours passed and Jaiye was knocking at my door.
Jaiye: I'm sorry we had to hide like that. I never would have imagined that. 10 minutes after you left she came back and searched the whole place. She said I was lucky. She was soo angry and she told me she was ready to slap any and everybody. She really didn't know where I live either, but she knows my cousins place and tricked him into showing her my place.
Ola: It is well. Sha know I'm not coming to your place again ohh!!! Let no one damage me because of jealousy.

I wish I could tell you that even with all of that madness that I ended things with Jaiye fast fast. What I learned is that when we take these detours, you know going out of God's direction to satisfy our own desires, we only mess ourselves up. It takes soo much grace, humility and strength to get out of the messes we submit to and it still takes Him. Every day after, in that relationship, I asked God for strength and that His will to be done. Messing up always seems soo easy and like it won't create a big deal, but for some stupid fun I messed up my walk of holiness. No matter how careful you could be or think you are being, outside of God's will is still a very dangerous place!

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4 sentiments:

  1. Honestly Ola, outside of God's will is a very dangerous place to be.
    I have a similar experience, one I am getting out of. As Christians we need to hear God give us a go ahead before we take certain steps in our lives.
    When it comes to relationships, that the other person is a believer doesn't matter either (as in my own case) but God's will and purpose for us.
    Let us take heed please and may we not perish outside of God's will.
    Thank God for His grace over your life, for giving you an opportunity to amend your ways.

    1. Abisola miiii!!! I replied some time ago, but I'm not sure if you saw it. Here's what I said and I pray your situation has turned for the better!

      "Very true Abisola Fadire!!! Jaiye is a believer as well! I'm happy you stated that! God will definitely see you through!"

  2. very good post-- enjoyed!

    1. thanks kelly! and funny enough, I came across your pintrest the same day you commented on my page!! Stay blessed lady!


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