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Okay so this is probably a very wrong time for me to be catching up on my writings, BUT I so dearly missed you guys and I got out of class early AND I'm in a really really really good mood.
Without revealing my entire life situation and inciting my parents to come after me because of improper internet etiquette and lack of identity protection and what have you, all I can say is I've been truly busy and there's been tons of progression. Somehow ohhh, Muyo & Ms. Yawa are also very engaged with their lives too. We have to have all around progress in every area of our lives. Shey bi you get {Translation: You do understand}?  Ehn, so we must to work hard. No worries sha, we'll all correct and adjust so you can have plenty tea soon.

But ehm ehm, what has brought me here today? Well, weytin else but love na? I just heard this song and boyyy my head is spinning! What else should I have done when I saw something sooo appropriate? Give a shourrouutts to my Aboko Ku (husband spoilers), Over Lovers, Helpless Romantics... what else do we call ourselves? Anyway sha, to all my Somori's that fit into this category, ENJOY! 
Take care of you my loves!

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