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Argghhhh -cracks neck, followed by knuckles, back and toes- Despite what you may think, during this 60 day unexpected hiatus, I was working hard.

Between school assignments, keeping up with my hairstyles, maintaining great health, tryna lose weight, attempts at having a social life, and becoming more consistent in life... a 20 something year old female can get boggled down!

I got busy, that's all. -Scratches back of neck- In fact, I am finally writing to you after completing a very strenuous assignment. I kid you not! I worked my yansh off to submit that assignment before midnight.

Although, I'm a bit tired, I love writing to you. This is me unwinding and relaxing. I've also been writing in other formats too! Don't worry, once I stop being shy I promise to share some of my other writing projects with you! Just promise to be nice jare because e no easy sitting down developing a stylistic writing style and follow all the commands and rules of this our oyinbo -English- grammar.
Okay, in essence, what I'm trying to explained is that I missed you! Thanks to those who asked whatever happened to my posts. You are appreciated. Thanks to those who continued to check back for updates. You too are appreciated.

So the koko of the matter as to why we are adjourned here this early in the momo -morning- is because of my desire to be consistent. Like many other things in life, I'm sure it won't develop overnight and it's something I will have to work at and maintain into very good old age.

Ever since I was a small pekin - child- I've always had this crescendo-decrescendo cycle going on... And yes, I have to take it back to my childhood. That's what people do in Rehab you know? Talk about things that occurred to them throughout their lives and try identify the problem and implement a solution..? Follow follow and Subscribe and get with the program! Ehm ehm, yes so restrospectively, I notice where I have these seasons where I'm on top of my game! I'm successfully joggling different aspects of my life and I'm doing great. Then it kind of slowly declines into the downward slope where I'm not doing so hot. My drive is less, and I'm a bit burned out. Well, I'm tired of that. I need to learn how to function at a moderate and consistent level. I gots to gerrit together. And there's about 3 areas that are of prime concern to me.

1. We Time: This is my time with my Creator. We need to have consistent time together or my life is juss all off. I just get way outta hand when I do not make consistent efforts to connect with Him... na I won't go into details about my out of control behavior, buh it aint pretty. #Shikena. You can call it silly, but I'm more grounded, more happier, motivated and encouraged when I maintain the habit of praying and spending time in the Word. God's love is unconditional. Whether I'm on my bestest of behaviors or not. As a loving Father, He's always there. But that leaves no room for excuses as to why quality time is not being shared. Out of the two parties, I have more to benefit from We Time! It's a time of refreshing and focusing of priorities. I get to be straight up honest and unleash all my fears, anxieties, and concerns to Someone Who Cares. So I've committed myself to pressing play every morning and night to any message/sermon of my choosing. I've been doing this consecutively for about 10 days now and I have to be honest, at first I thought it would be a drag. I mean I've done it before but not consistently (duh). On the contrary, it's been pretty fun! I randomly select a message and it directs what I pay attention to throughout most of the day. It has really helped to keep me focused and dictate the environment of my mind!

2. Health: Okay this one may be a bit far fetched, but hey I got a goal and I'm giving it my best! I have given myself until Dec to lose a certain amount of weight and I surely am not telling you how much! Aha! LOL cackles that would so be me setting myself up. It aint happening. I will however, tell you how I plan to lose this weight: via reconstructing my diet and getting in some exercise. So this was actually something I started mid Sept and uh, already I haven't been consistent -insert sad face- I have lost a few pounds because I have done some basic elimination of bad eating habits. So I'm not too far off track, but I have a ways to go. What drives me is something I heard a long time ago... However you eat now is how you'll train your kids to eat. o_o That is really a scary thought for me. As soon as I had a car and a job that gave me access to picking up my own food and doing my own groceries, I pretty much decided not to do it. Instead, I had a great habit of feeding my cravings. No Bueno. That's why now is the perfect time for me to get it together!

3. Hairstyles: Yesso believe it or not. I'm serious about this one. Again (hey at least I'm consistent at getting my point across), when I get busy certain things just fall to the back burner. One of them being my hair. As we have learned, one must dress for favor. I'm not too good with keeping up with the joneses and what have you, but my hair is natural. LOL Sounds like an irrational rationale, but its the truth of the matter. People everywhere aren't fond of natural hair and I must make sure I am not a part of those that help build a negative image of black tresses everywhere. Na don't get me wrong, when I do get too busy, I just pack my hair into a bun, which is nice, but very played out. So I am seizing each day to draw within my creative depth and come up with different hairstyles. Whether I'm walking to the closest grocery store, on my way to hang out or put in extra studying hours at the library, my naps must be presented to the world stylishly. Check the photo to see how I've been doing so far. I don't remember to take pictures every day, but I think I've been doing a decent job, if I can add. SN: You noticed my brow game has improved abi? Tharris why I love you! I knew you would!

Anywhoos -Yawns- I think that's enough therapy for the day. Check the time stamp, it's late! 
My personal peoples, I go holla you soon! I promise.

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  1. Dear Ola, please get rid of this background of popcorn or dried up sunflower. Whatever it may be. It is making it very difficult to read the text above it. I can't even enjoy the message when I am squinting my whole head away just to figure what is there.

    I love your blog, but gurrrll that background gots-to-go. :)

    Anon Reader

    1. Did you see my original reply...? "Eeyywwooo, biko no be popcorn, na flower! flower for the tea! But you have a point sha, I think it's time to change things up a bit. As per your request, I shall be remodeling. You know I de hear for you ;)"

      Well, I finally got to remodeling. I like rainbows :D hopefully this color scheme is a bit more berra on your eyes! Make sure you read other posts as well now oh! there's no excuse at all. xoxoxo Ola

  2. I absolutely love-love-loooove this post. Its like you deliberately went into my head and made sense of the commotion I have been going through. Every single detail is pertinent to this stage of my life.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. My dear, I'm soooo sooo super excited that you were blessed! Keep Pushing babe! Hope you've been blessed by our more recent posts as well!


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