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Excited, Sad, Happy, Nervous and Extremely Tired

Hello Honest Tea Readers,

My goodness I truly did go MIA for loooooooooooong time sha. Please forgive but July was too busy and August doesn't look any better. Phew!!!! People...I am tired sha..soo tired..who knew wedding planning could get this stressful when I started the planning process over a year ago.

Never in my life have I felt all these waves of emotions hitting me at once whiles the FI (fiance) seem so relaxed. I ask myself how does he get to feel this comfortable whiles am still trying to make every hour in my day count. Then it hit me.... not only am I thinking about the many little details in trying to make my day puuuuurfeeect, I just haven't given God this burden that feels soo heavy. Yes!!! I know it sounds so cliche...but think! Wouldn't it be amazing to not worry about a thing going on in your life but rather let someone else do all of that? I can feel that relaxation..It surely makes your life stress free as well as emotional free. So after this realization..I decided to dig deep into my bible to read on what God says about worry, for I have been feeling sad, depressed, angry , emotional, some happiness and excitement and that gets very very very confusing. After digging through, I found these verses I think I should share.. Matthew 6:25-34 & Matthew 11:28-30. These verses would amaze you and make you think..what was all that worrying about when the big guy upstairs could do all that for me.

Yes!! I am worried about my wedding..heck am even worried about how my traditional ceremony would go..;. but the bibles tells you and I ..'DO NOT WORRY' it is not our job to do so...but God's. Doesn't it sound much easier to do than actually trying it?. I do not want to make it sound so easy but I do want you to know that it is hard but with God's strength it becomes easy. So am challenging myself..till the end of August. I am going relax sha.. Chale... I am going try not to worry about all these little things that bug me... I am going to let God take charge and in talking about taking charge..I believe that when we worry.. we tell sit in His corner whiles we try to do His job. We tell Him..'I got This'. And I feel that's what i have been telling him these few months. So today..I am telling God.. 'You take do all the worrying'.

I don't know about what keeps you up at may not be wedding planning..but it may be fact it can be anything. And I am telling you ... we don't have to burden ourselves...we have someone who loves to do that. So join my month of not worrying and lets see how much better it makes us feel. Chale..I am beginning to feel much better already...
You ready?? Lets get on it!!! August is our month of rest..and inner peace.. ( no matter how bad it gets..Do Not Worry). I going to should you.!!!! On that of to enjoy my bridal shower my MOH planned for me...Happy weekend Guys :) - Yawa

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