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An Amazing Story About True Love

Mayra Rosales

Hey guys. Good weekend so far? Hopefully not as boring as mine has been.

Y'all remember when I practically professed love-agnosticism? Well I'm starting to reconsider.

This is supposed to be a story about health, murder and justice. For me it's a story about true love.

Meet Mayra Rosales, officially the heaviest human that ever lived. At the time of shooting this documentary, she weighed over half a ton, and was charged with murder of her nephew. But that's not what am about. What I'm about is the 3 people who  remained constant in her life, throughout the ordeal:

  • Her husband (the superhero)
  • Her lawyer and
  • Her sister

Every other person who helped her was just secondary in my opinion. If it weren't for these 3 people, this woman would be dead by now. No one gets away with weighing that much without the influence of some external force of nature; in this case true love.

I'd rather not bore you with my words. Just watch the video for yourself. Watch it to the end. I promise you, it's worth your time.

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  1. First time here and luving it. Luvly blog ola :)

    1. Glad you love it around here Dobby. We sure do hope you stick around :)

  2. Hey Dobby!!! Thanks for showing some love! We appreciate you! Hopefully you're taking some time to look around and try out some other flavors as well.... Even I know, Amazing Muyo's "unique" views on love are ehm... unique? Hope you still enjoyed his posts!! Check out his blog too. He's pretty cool.


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