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Ola Solé

There's really no positive way to describe how I've been feeling as of late. The only thing I can clearly and boldly state is: I need Rest.
I saw this picture on facebook a few minutes ago and I said, ahhhh yesss. The perfect way to vent. Let us begin. Shall we?

When I was a little girl (... yes, I'm taking it all the way back there), I was a handful for Iya Ola (Ola's Mother). I was that energetic kid running and playing everywhere who's mother wanted to rip her hair out. When I look back at my life, I commend my mother. In fact, I have this pic of my mother and I at some kind of event. We're both dolled up and she's bending down to pick me up and she has this Oh My Goodness I'm About to Lose It kind of expression on her face and I'm there smiling like an angel! LOL I've never been disastrous but I troubled the woman sha. Daddy's Lil Girl and Mommy's Nightmare... lol I'm probably being extreme but you get my point. Like most kids, I got a bunch of nicknames that I would not be as foolish enough to reveal on the internet, but one of them had the word "Solé" in it. Sounds like So-Lay. Pretty much the meaning of the nickname was My Momma's Bawse. Yea, I was that kid.

       After hearing sooo many stories from my childhood mishaps, to the stupid things I did growing up to the terrible things I did as a young adult.... Having a child like me has always frightened the crap out of me. Silly maybe? Maybe but with my boldness accompanied with my sharp mouth and fieriness; outgoing personality... eehhhhh, I have good reason to be concerned. I'm at the age now where baby fever comes and goes quite often. So I've been rationalizing with myself. What would I want to instill in lil Ola Solé? What would I give her to navigate through this world and be a better version of me? 

Yess that pale child is me >_>
       Number one, I think I would teach her (and all of my children) to enjoy each day. Every day that ends in day is a gift from God and meant to be enjoyed. Especially the days where nothing goes your way. Those are the days where simple things will give you strength. 
       I'd teach her to be more independent. More realistic and not so optimistic. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about having a happy and positive perspective. Yet there are times you can be soo hopeful for something that you fall victim to the most worthless and dumbest of schemes... and men.
       From day one, I'll let her know she's a princess. A true gem to everyone in her world. That's one of many things that her grandmother does and always will emphasize... no matter how fond the world may be of her or how quickly they may try to replace her, her importance is impeccable.
       My brown tight curly haired, almond shaped eyes, high cheek boned little girl will know that the circumstances and events will do their best to wash the fight and spice out of her soul, but like the saying goes in our family, "anything good is worth fighting for." No matter how distant her dreams may be, no matter how ridiculous it may seem for them to materialize, no matter how discouraged she may feel... if it was good enough for her to dream, it's more than good enough for her to do her best to achieve it. 
       I pray her mistakes won't be as bad as mine and my success won't come close to hers. I'm not even a parent yet and I wonder how I could protect her from a world of heartache, pain, and disappointments... buh there's really no way around it. After all, I know how Iya Ola tried. All I can do is start praying before her conception and keep praying through each breath she takes, until my last.

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