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My Brother Still Lives

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       It was an early morning day in Summer Time Chi, what Chicago is popularly referred to during it's fun yet tumultuous summer season. My mom sent my brother on an errand and in order for him to complete it, he had to drive through one of Chicago's roughest areas. 
       The call came in about 5am and although the story was very blurry, we knew my lil brother "Akolades" was in danger. We jetted to him within a blink of an eye and it became very apparent my brother was being victimized all on the basis of racial profiling. 
He was stopped by police simply because he's a black man driving a luxury car... Before we knew it things were extremely escalated but we thank God that the story ended very well. 
       That is my brother's story, unfortunately, Trayvon's was very different. Thanks to school, I was not able to follow the case in depth, but I did catch some highlights. And I was glued to the TV 15 minutes after the verdict was released. Like many, I am utterly appalled. Situations like this are extremely discouraging. They make me thank God that my family hasn't been a victim of such disastrous events, but then it makes me wonder why exactly other families fall susceptible. It is really truly bothersome to me to the point that I can't pray about it. I don't question God about it. I just thank Him through it because He is always good. #EndOfStory. 
       Without going into a drastic, possibly semi-sensible, extremely emotional rant on my views of the case, I'll be dedicating this Forward Progression post to Trayvon. May his family, and many other families that have been tragically victimized by racial profiling be comforted by The Only One capable of healing souls. 

This is a heartfelt compilation of individuals who do not fit the same racial profile as Trayvon, yet they sympathize with him. I've been reading these and many times they have tugged at my heart. Just read it, you'll be surprised.

This was a post on the FB page this morning... if you're still not following, you're on a long thing.
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It's that easy!!!!
Buh yea, about this article
The headline alone makes you want to slap someone and high five another! Who leaves a case and then blatantly boasts about a book deal?! I'm glad they shut that down QUICK! Once again, social media combined with passion (in the right direction) saves the day!

What first came to mind after reading this was boldness. Temar definitely embodies it! When I think of kidnappers, I think of weapons along with the abduction, but Temar did not consider that! His bold move has made one family very happy. I think that is enough to honor him for!

       Well there you have it... As my Yoruba people say, we'll continue to pray that such tragic incidences will be far apart and few. As for these young people making progress, keep moving forward!

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