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It's Your Birthday GehFriend!

Ever met that random person in a random place, having that random conversation...only... to find out that, that random person is going to be that person you can never live without? That is the relationship I have with OLA. It is your birthday gehfriend (in my Ghanaian accent) and I am going to celebrate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our story-

It was my first summer at the University  and I was still getting a hang of the campus feel as I hadn't gotten too acquainted with the University my past semester. Anyhow, I sat in this social psych class, dreading the long 4 hours I would have to endure, but then, guess who decides to sit next to me- Ola. First thing I noticed about Ola was her beautiful healthy natural hair she had twisted. Class hadn't begun yet, so I asked her about her hair and she decided to fill me in on her little secrets. Maybe she could tell I was still uncomfortable with my big chop considering I had only done it a few days before the class, whatever it was, she didn't make me feel awkward about asking too many questions about her hair. Because she talks just as much as I do, lol... we clicked and I said to myself..hmm..i think i found my first African friend at school. Right after the class, we talked for hours and till this day I can't remember half of what we talked about. It was even funnier to know that my apartment was just a couple of blocks away from hers (talk about coincidence). It didn't take long for us to realize we are so much alike and we have been friends since!!!!!! My oh my, I feel like its been forever. Our relationship has grown physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It really is true when I say , Ola and I have talked about everything under this, men, boyz(YES THERE'S A DIFFERENCE) , school, aspirations, goals, life, God and our spiritual growth.

Our Present-

Even after 4 years of fighting, laughing, teasing and talking about everything with this crazy geh.. I feel like there's is so much I can continue to learn from her. She knows how to make me feel guilty (lol..oh yes she sure knows how to do that), knows how to lift my sad spirits and sure knows how to make me feel like she's my number 1 fan. She is sooo far away from me now, but this Ola..with her busy med school schedule always stays in touch at least once a week, just to make sure her lil sis is doing fine. Talk of amazing, sincere, honest,  and oh down right straightforward, that defines Ola. You should always trust that if you ever gain the sister title, get ready to hear the truth at all times even if hurts. Ola is as real as it gets and that's what I love about her. 

So this Sunday- July 7th, I celebrate you Ola. I celebrate this day with you and I want to thank God for your life and the amazing journey he is taking you through. More so, I am glad to be a part of this journey you are on. Happy Birthday GehFriend!!!!!

PS. Please don't forget to eat cake..we are not counting calories today sha.
- Miss Hosi

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3 sentiments:

  1. Awwww this is so sweet. Happy birthday again Ola

  2. I haven't had any cake yet, but I ate bbq chicken at 3 in the morning =D. aaaaannnnnnnndddddddd I danced a lot. ^__^


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