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Chale..who is this Ghana Geh???

Hello Honest Tea Readers!

Its been say what.. a whole month Ola asked me to tell yall about myself..but this grad school life and summer school sessions were not trying to share me with yall. But thank God, my summer school is over and done with (Yaaaaay!!!!!!). Ok, enough boring talk. I am the new Ghanaian geh on the block..oh yea you heard right- Ghanaian Chic!! 
Since I have already established my nationality, I can go on to share a few more about myself. I am a 23 year old graduate student at Murray State University studying Human Development Leadership with a concentration in Nonprofit Organizational Management (boy..that's long Most people call me Yawa or Miss Hosi. And oh... chale I can talk plenty , so get ready to hear me blabber away..I just hope I don't bore you death. 

Met my sister Ola, at the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) when we were both majoring in Applied Psychology. We have been sisters since 2009..and it has been amazing. Besides having an amazing sister like  Ola and my love for speaking..I want to believe I am funny, sincere, genuine and I say it just like I see it (don't worry, I use my filter sometimes). Above all, I love people, kids, youths and adults..I love everybody and love to know I can help others. I consider myself to have strong christian values and I don't play with church. Omo, church is my life!!!! If you know of any better place to be..tell me and we can start a debate panel. I am currently living Atlanta, GA with my husband...oh yea..I mentioned husband..kind of feels weird to say that considering we only legally got married 3 weeks ago..and are having our upcoming wedding in Sept. So sometimes , I am not sure as to what to call him..fiance/husband? either way sha you get what I mean.
Having our ceremony in September is probably the only exciting and most stressful feeling I have going on in my life right now..all I can think of is..its only 82 days away! *woot woot* not that I am I still have 82 days to tell you all about the wedding moving on. I love the color green...even though I have about 3 green outfits in my whole closet..hmm..whose in the same boat with me? Oh and I love shoes.. I am a shoe addict (Lord, forgive me). I love me some shoes.. you can basically shop for anything in my shoe closet (literally). Maybe, it is because I personally believe shoes complete any is just my thought though. Someday we would talk about my hundreds of heels later. By now, you have deduced I love shopping and don't get it twisted..I love me some sale..I don't remember the last time I bought anything full priced..not even my wedding dress.

You and I , are definitely going to have fun..and just so you know..expect me to write about my wedding, God, fashion, school and life ...don't get scared..I have enough experience on life I can share..but I am here to learn from you as well. Nice meeting Y'all... told ya I can talk. (I still don't think I told yall everything about me..but I am sure you would eventually find out in other posts). Happy Sunday Y'all.

- Miss Hosi

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