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Hi Honest Tea readers, Muyo-san here. Ola has gone on a one-year sabbatical; poor girl is losing touch (shakes head Nollywood style), so I'm in charge now. Y'all are gonna have to get used to me being around; you will learn to love me :)

So who's Muyo-san anyway? Maybe I should start with a short story about my childhood:

Growing up, it was commonplace to hear people always remark, "you should become a lawyer", I loved to argue and I probably had like a 95% success rate. It didn't matter if I was right or wrong.

One time, I banned a friend from using the word "versus" 'till further notice', just because I and the others in the group had no idea what it meant at the time. He was right, I was wrong, but he couldn't argue better than I (wherever you are now, I'm sorry childhood-friend-who's-name-I-remember-but-will-not-reveal).

I must have been about 8 years old when I first proclaimed to my dad that I was going to be a Mechanical Engineer. I had this silly dream that I would one day build the world's first flying car. By my 2nd year in University, I realized Engineering wasn't for me. Being smart enough to ace the entry exams had no exact correlation with being a natural. Those were some of the worst 5 years of my life. Maybe I should have heeded those prophetic proclamations and just studied law :(

Now you're saying to yourself, "so that's how the 'san' came to be - Senior Advocate of Nigeria". You're quite the smart one eh? Smart, but very wrong! I win as usual :) . Oh wait, we weren't even arguing in the first place? :(

Well, now that the totally extraneous story of my childhood has managed to grab your attention, how about I treat you to a little more of my awesomeness?
 I will answer 20 random questions about myself, give you some insight into my personality. If I manage not to bore you, promise you'll ask more questions in the comments section? I'd be happy to oblige. Good idea uh? Oya, let's go:

20 random questions about Muyo-san

  1. What's your real name?

      Who do you work for?
  2. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

     I'd stay far away from me. Like seriously, you know anyone who'd hangout with a guy whose idea of "fun" is staying indoors, channel-hopping YouTube all day?
  3. Favourite Nigerian Music Artiste?

    Bukola Elemide a.k.a Asa
  4. Favourite International Music Artiste?

    Are you freaking kidding me? Please see 3 above
  5. Favourite Bible personalities

    Elijah and King David
  6. Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Did Goodluck Johnathan have shoes growing up? What you said.
  7. Hugs or kisses? 

    Is this a joke?
  8. Android or iOS?

    This has to be a test. Are you doing iPad mini giveaways or something? I'll take cash please, thank you.
  9. Wizkid or Fela?

    Now I know you're crazy.
  10. What part of your body do you love most?

    My left hand. Go figure
  11.  If you could meet any 3 people you admire who would they be and why?

    •  Mark Tremonti of Creed - so he could teach me to play guitar like him
    •  Jude Nnam (the ancestor) - Most people won't relate (unless you're a seasoned Catholic Chorister), but this man inspires me.
    • Asa - you already knew I was gonna say this. Do I have to explain why?
  12. What is your deepest regret?

     Not realizing my true love for music earlier in life.
  13. What was your first date like?

    I don't know about the "first" date but I remember "the" date. It was ethereal! She's married now though, with a beautiful daughter.
  14. Three Songs that always manage to tear you up?

  15. Favourite book of all time?

    Roots by Alex Haley. (Side-note: the movie series suck. Thank you).
  16. Favourite meal?

    As long as it doesn't include Amala and it tastes good, I'm fine. If it includes ogbono, you made it yourself, it tastes better than my mum's, and you're a woman, I just might have to marry you.
  17. Favourite movie of all time?

    No movie like Sound of Music. Timeless replay value.
  18. If you weren't born Nigerian you would be?

    I dunno, probably Japanese?  But seriously, other countries suck big time. Yes, I said it.
  19. Guilty pleasure?

    Apple juice. I kid you not.
  20. Three random items off your bucket list?

    • Experience match-day at Old Trafford
    • Produce a video on YouTube that'll go viral
    • Climb the Rocky Steps in Philly

    So that's pretty much me. Did I leave you wanting? I want to know your thoughts, questions, insults - everything. Oya use the comments section below.

    Muyo-san is one random Nigerian dude who also blogs at
    Follow him on Twitter @MuyoSan

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