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First of all, I must apologize. This post is incredibly late. It should have been published in February... this is early June. I apologize My semester was pretty intense and posting became secondary. Then I over indulged in relaxing and now a new semester has begun... However my love and dedication to you my dear readers is always primary ;) There's some washing (extreme flattering) for your day...
Now to the koko of the matter!
Remember how we were celebrating Black History Month in a new way? Yes, I'm talking bout BHM in June, I said the post is late! Well I have some very interesting people that I think you'd enjoy hearing about. 
Emmanuel Ohuabunwa
If you've liked Ola's Honest Tea on FB then you've heard of this guy already... If not, you've been sleeping and uhm I need you to wake up! It takes 2 seconds, so go ahead and get going and press Like. 
*repositions self*
Sorry, but I had to let that out.
Back to Manny.
Emmanuel Ohuabunwa
Emmanuel (pictured on the left) is 22 years old and a recent graduate from John Hopkins University. No biggie, right? Correct. 
Welp, he graduated with a 3.98 GPA in Neuroscience which is
A Very Big Deal!
I studied neuroscience for a bit in my undergrad and um I can tell ya first hand, there's barely a handful of students from African descent that are studying Neuroscience over all! The fact that Manny (as I like to call him) did this and got a near perfect GPA is definitely noteworthy!
Congrats Manny!!
Oh and before I forget, he's starting med school at Yale this fall. And, no, I am not transferring there with hopes of him falling in love with me. But you can read more about Manny here.

-Next Up-

Dr. Ola Orekunrin
Flying Doctors Ola's Honestea Ladybrille
Picture Courtesy of Ladybrille Magazine
Okay, this phenomenal woman made the list, for some obvious reasons. 
Numero Uno:: We have extremely similar names.
Dr. Ola
You gotta admit it has a pretty nice ring to it. Both of us have the Ola-prefix... in case you didn't know, for yoruba people the Ola is just a prefix. What we also have in common is entrepreneurship in the medical field.
Okay, she's actually doing it and I'm speaking mine into existence.
She's a practicing Doctor who founded, Flying Doctors, the very first air emergency transportation that West Africa has ever seen. If you research the company, or you could just email me, you'll see that there are some pretty important people sitting on her board of directors. She seems to be a very influential and hard working lady.
Like another Ola that you know.
smiley face :) 
Hey, if I don't speak, who will do it for me?

-Last But Not The Least-

Asean Johnson

This cutie is not fighting for more time with his video games before bed time, but he's fighting for the youth of his city, Chicago!
He's speaking out against the school closures that affecting thousands of children recently. You can see the passion in this boys eyes and the veins popping in his neck! He knows his rights and will not be denied!

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