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Dress for Favor

Ola's Honestea Favor Dressing Model AyoKumbee Sessillee Lopez

Reezy: My sistah, come! What is wrong with you and these akproko eyebrows? Haba!
Ola: What? I don't wanna mess em up so I let them grow!
Reezy: mmmttttccchhhewwww you're not serious.
While she's hissing for 20 seconds, Reezy drags me to the front of the mirror and brings out a eyebrow blade and begins to cut away my akproko-ness
Ola's Honestea @AyoKumbee Rough Eyebrows Eyebrow shaping Akproko
Rough.... -__- I know
but i was in the house tired and cooking. Had to take pics so I don't burn the house down.

       I'm not going to lie. I know my island appearance is not acceptable to go anywhere but the corner store/gas station for a quick sweets tooth run. Yet, I have never liked too much attention. Emphasis on too much because like any female, I like attention, just not too much of it. As it is, with my tomboy ways, I get a lot of attention from the caribbean natives. Guys offer to buy my drinks when I go out... never mind their shock when I get a welch or some kind of juice instead of something alcoholic. When I'm at the grocery store and I drop a few items because I'm a few dollars short, they pick it up for me. I'm saying, young men, old men... my presence in this place is noticed. That's more than enough attention and I explained all of this to Reezy too. Buhh naahhh bruv...
Ola Blessed @AyoKumbee dolled up
I did the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara
Reezy did the brows blush & lips!
Reezy: It doesn't marra (matter)! You're so beautiful!! Look at you now!!
I looked into the mirror and boy, the wonder that some blush, eyeshadow on my eyebrows after shaping them, and some red lipstick made! I had to admit, I did look scrumptious. Anywhoo, we were off to the social mixer and guess what? We were the most dressed up. I tried to tell the guh
       Sunday Morning comes and I check my phone for my devotional, and guess what the topic was? Dressed for Favor. I just laughed outloud. Really? I do not believe in coincidences. Everything is under God's control. Information comes pass us at the right time and everything happens for a specific reason. Yea, this was one of those moments were He was trying to get my attention. Papa, message well received!!

I took it as a note that I need to be in the habit of packaging myself and it is finally time to let go of allllllll of my tomboy ways. 
Numero Uno: Girls are meant to be polished and pretty. 
Numero Dos: I don't wanna raise tomboys! So I need to make sure I am not one and pray! LOL Like begets like ya dig? 
I must also confess that I was denied a request from the dean because I wear sweats, tees, and slippers to class (yes even in this tropical sun! classrooms are human freezers)! I'm not paranoid, I know I was denied because my friend, a diva of a sort, had the same request and it was granted. Imagine that.... 
Nonetheless, in that same devotional the topic was about how Esther prepared to meet the King. I may be out on a loop here, but I believe Esther was a Jew and King Xerxes was Persian. I'm assuming she had to dress according to the Persian tradition. After all, she's attempting to woo a king. As the devotional stated, "she was dressed for the occasion. If you are subject to the law of gravity, then the laws of favor in the natural are applicable to you. Don't be careless about the natural just because you have the spiritual forces of God working in your life... Dress nicely, talk professionally, and act ethically. After you have done all you need to do in the natural, then expect the Lord of the supernatural to crown you with favor."
      Later that week, my fellow black colleagues also commented that I "need to do a bit more." Sayy Whhaaaa?! Well, that was enough to persuade me beyond doubt! I gots* to get in the habit of being a lady. Since then, I've been wearing eyeliner and mascara just like I do in at home. Maybelline bioextension is the bidness! I'm slightly addicted. I have at least 3 always. And of course, attention has increased... someone actually went to my friend's house to declare his interest... pass me with all uh that nuh! For different reasons, but we'll discuss that later... much later. Moreover, -whips hair- I have always been obsessed with my eyebrows. Under normal conditions, I get them done every 2 weeks but I trust no one here. Not even myself. Reezy just happened to hold me hostage and did an impressive job. So I shall be learning from her how to keep my brows looking like Exhibit B, all tha time!! Okay, lemme stop ranting, I think you all get the point jare...

Devotional excerpts were taken from Day 13

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