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King Julian Ola's Honestea
King Julian needs some of Ola's Honestea too.
Okay so I try to keep from frivolous venting on here; I mean you guys have important things to do with your day. Buh, I mean I've been running this virtual cafe for some time now. We cool, right? I'ma go ahead and break my rule because I got a load on my heart.
-deep sigh-
At first, everything was going soo smoothly! I mean tough times came here and there but I work hard. Yet, with all the ups, downs, commotions, and uproars I always see the effect of my efforts. So I stay cool!
Then I don't know what happened.
Ola's Honestea @AyoKumbee Ola Blessed
yea boy! It's been rough.
I actually cried in class last week for no good reason.
I suddenly became super overwhelmed... Well I shouldn't really say suddenly because my parents definitely warned me, but one thing led to another and my plate was extremely full. Buh c'mon, I'm SuperOla, right? 
So fun, smiling, cheerful, sweet Ola very suddenly became saucy, easily agitated, and always 2 seconds away from crying. Yea this was real sudden.
One Unforeseen, Unpredictable, Unwanted Change occurred.
Yep, that is all it took for me to get my feathers in a bunch.
I can be pretty meticulous and impatient at times.
Like many others, I have planned my year my life to be a certain way. I want everything to go my way.
You know that 2 year old you see in the grocery store crying on the floor and giving his momma a hard time because she said he can't have his favorite candy? Yea that's me.
I have certain expectations of myself and I expect my environment to respond to the amount of energy I put in to reach certain goals. Sounds like physics right? But it's true! It is human nature to expect a desired result and put effort towards reaching that goal. Now if I don't put in the required work and I do not reach my expected goal, then that makes sense. I can deal with that. It's simple math. A + B= C  Right? 
Somehow, life just don't work like that. 
We can plan and plan and plan and work and work and work and still things won't immediately look or be the way we want. 
I have spent the last 3 weeks cooking up all sorts of what ifs all because of one unpredictable change. I've been rude, very emotional, stressing myself out and those around me too. 
I have not been a very nice Ola.
Things seem a bit out of my control right now. I am praying I can meet specific deadlines and hoping serendipity will strut its stuff and make greatness appear. 
To add to my reasons of needing to flip out, my birthday is less than a week away. Am I where I planned to be? Nope.
-Cue Sad Music-
In the last 72 hours, I have buried my head in some Word. You know how ostriches do when they get scared? Yea, that's me right now. I have stressed to the point where I can not be stressed or fearful anymore. I just have to trust God. What is Mine is Mine and cannot pass me by. Just like that ram was stuck in the thicket waiting for Abraham and Isaac to find him, So shall alll of my opportunities and blessings wait for me! 
Can a sistah get an Amen?!
More than all the many things I desire, He loves me and He has a plan. 
Jer 29:11
You know the verse....
"I know The Plans I have for you. 
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; 
plans to give you a hope and a future."
Funny enough, about 2 months ago, I did some research on this verse... 
Nah not really lol I just read the whole chapter. I didn't know then how important it would be to me now. I learned God made this promise when the Israelites where in captivity
Yea mehn, these people are out here cutting someone else's lawns, feeding other people's children, cooking, cleaning, and just slaving away and God is talking about expected end, hope, and future. I think I would have just been like,
-In my Bruh Man From the 5TH Floor Voice-
"Yo bruv, stop playing mehn. You think this is funny bruv?"
But now that I'm going through it, I just kinda sit back and tell myself.
-Still Applying My Bruh Man From the 5TH Floor Voice-
"Yo Olaaaaaa! It's time to chill."
I've been listening to a lot of TD Jakes these last few days too. In one message, Transformation: It's A Mind Thing he says everyone knows people affected by their past. What about people affected by the present?! He said, "Where you currently are is not your destination! You are still in process." 
Ahhh yes. I am not where I want to be. Not where I planned to be and things seem to be getting a lil out of my control. But guess what though?
I'm alive and I am certainly not in backwards motion or where I was last year. I am in forward motion. Even with all my mistakes, and short comings, I am moving forward.
What exactly will happen tomorrow? How will these unpredicted changes affect me?
Ummmm, I'm not exactly sure yet. I'm just believing everything will turn out for my good.
I'm reminding myself that
God of miracle, na my Papa ohh!
No matter what may come my way, my life is in His hands.
All because
I have a very Big God Oh, Who is always by my side.
A very Big God Oh, by my side, by my side.
If you're yet to notice or if you didn't grow up in an African church... these italicized lines are verses from praise & worship songs. Yea mehn, that's what my better days be looking like! And not because things have necessarily gone my way. Better because I decide to maintain praise for every ity bitty thing.
I can't control my environment by fretting, so what I will do is praise my way through. Even when my face looks like King Julians and my heart feels heavy, and my eyes don't see anything that puts a wrinkle in the corner of my eyes with a smile on my face...
I will praise thee oh my Savior, I will praise thee forevermore.
Because that's all I got, this Praise.

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