The Gentleman

This hot guy is Ron. He never broke my heart until yesterday. I'm not 100% sure what happened but for some reason, my dear Ronald went swimming easter sunday and had an accident. And yesterday, he died. It has all been a very awkward and extremely uncomfortable scenario. Yesterday was the worst. I've never cried so much. Today has been better. I've stopped waiting for him to log back onto skype or reply all of our messages on facebook. Tomorrow, I'm praying, will be even better.

Ronald Ngu
Sunrise Sept 1, 1982- Sunset April 1, 2013
This was him at his surprise 30th birthday party. We gave him the best bday bash of his life! The confusion on his face when he entered told us so... After we all screamed, "Happy Birthday Ron!" he still didn't get it! LOL which is pretty funny because this guy! This guy is brilliant! He always came out at the top of the class. We had to show him the poster on the wall that said "Happy Birthday Ron" before he really understood. Then someone put icing on his face! I think it was Gen or Marge.
That day, the day we celebrated his birth, we made him cry! He said it was the best birthday he ever had. We were so particular about the planning. Especially Roro, I remember during the party I felt like a soldier. Now it makes sense. Everything had to be perfect. Maybe somehow we knew it would be your last...? He never had a party thrown for him before but we were on the island for an entire year of medical school together. We study. We laugh. We chat. We eat. We study. We prayed. We fasted. We studied the Word together. We were family. The ladies cooked and Ron would eat! LOL The other guys would have to hassle us for us to cook for them, but not Ron. Ron was our brother. We were all close friends but Ron was our gentleman. He was our jokester. He was our tutor. He was our friend.

Right now as I write, everyone's getting ready to go to your memorial service, Ron. I really miss you. I've been trying really hard to just accept that I won't see you on rotations. There will be no making trips to visit one another. No one will yell "OLA" when they're looking for me or give me funny looks and ask me "what happened" on days I'm too lazy to tame my hair. But long from now, I'm confident I'll see you again. You wanna laugh?! Two people asked me if we dated! That made me laugh. You were the perfect gentleman though... lol when you weren't picking on me! I started thinking how and when we got so close! I went through my bday pics, you're bday pics, Rene & Harry's grad pics... everything. Most times we're standing right next to each other. We used to take those walks! LOL in that tropical sun! We'd talk about hearing from God and dreams lol. I was supposed to be a guest at your wedding, and you at mine. You were my brother.
 I've had writer's block for sometime... I just haven't been able to write. Iono... well I do know. I've just been stressed and worrying too too much. But as you always did, you've once again encouraged me to keep going. I don't know how else to get over this pain but to write. It's 9:16pm right now. Everyone is getting together to remember and honor you. I'm sorry Ron. I can't be there. I don't do well with things like this... death you know? I just hate losing people. Thanks for all the times you bought me skittles so I can stay awake in class. LOL And the time I was in a fix, and you helped me out... Thanks. Remember when we were both TA's for that one prof! LOL That man was something else! You'd always be like, "OLA!! What is this guy doing? The students haven't gone over x, y, z!" shouting with your hands in the air! Thanks for doing the dissections. I just didn't want to be in there with the cadavers anymore. Initially I thought you wouldn't take all my shakara-refusal of doing the dissections. lol but you're a gentleman. You allowed me to choose teaching lectures even though you wanted to do it. Anatomy rocked though! I'm really happy the students did well. We all made it through! LOL
I meant to call you Saturday actually, to tell you that God came through again! What everyone was so worried about... He took care of it. But I guess now, an angel or the Holy Spirit would have told you. I'm kinda wondering if you get to check facebook... your page has been blown up! LOL We all just really miss you.
I'm not hungry, but I really want spinach with bitter leaf and egusi stew! Remember the time we were all fasting and Roro made stew and we ate like wolves! LOL Yea mehn. I'm just missing you. 
To everyone reading this... who knows me, who knew Ron, or even if you're just one of my beloved readers, please pray for us. Us his friends, classmates, extended family, his younger brother, and his mother. His body is still on the island where we schooled and it needs to get to the states and eventually Africa. I don't know if you've ever heard a more heart wrenching story, brilliant student (definitely top 10 in our class if not top 3 or 1), graduating from basic sciences in two weeks, eldest of 2 sons... gone within the blink of an eye. As his friends, classmates, we're doing our best to help his family get him home, because we believe within our short chapter in his life, we've become a family. Every donation, will help a mother and now only child lay their beloved son to rest.

To you I say thank you, 
and to dear Ronald, Adieu. Until we meet again.

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  1. Oh! this is so, so sad!
    Such a gentle soul.
    The way you shared about him, it's easy to see he was truly special.

    May his genle soul rest in perfect peace.

    May God comfort you his friends and family. Amen.


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