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April 21

  I just finished writing for The 365 Nigeria Project. It was pretty cool. I've been anticipating today, the 21st of April, because of it. I wasn't sure what would happen. I think my days are quite boring out here on the island but today proved otherwise. Due to the 365 word limit, I had to leave a lot of details out. Boo-hooo. Details are what makes the world beautiful... most times. I've had a lot on mind lately as well as a lot of time on my hands as well. I need to keep writing before I end up doing stupid things out of boredom.
Anywhoo, this is one of those days where I serve you all some hot and fresh honest tea, straight from my heart no filter. Brace ya self... nah, I'm kidding. lol It's not that bad... today. Hopefully, this post has some substance. 
island life coconuts breeze caribbeanToday started off weird. It started twice and in between I made sure I was still breathing, which is another long story. It seems I have finally adjusted to this place sha. It took me sometime but we thank God. Everyone here knows me. I'm pretty much Omo Caribe now. Every now and then, I'll run into someone new, which is often interesting. I met the owner of the small clothing shop today, he tried to sell me some booty shorts.
unh unh bruv
Not happening. 
I've been trying to get some more cocolopez so I can make a pina colada. Which led me into the chinese store, but of course, they only accept cash. pffftt!! They clearly don't want my money. I ended up just using my change to buy some pineapple juice and even did some naija shakara and tried to get .25 cents discount... don't mind me jare. I just wanted to demo and see if it was possible. It wasn't.

I met one mama as well, she was selling food sturvs and trying to get me to buy some. I just wanted to chat a bit. Have some friendly convo... I told her I was coming back to buy some pastechi. I lied.
When I did reach home, ate and finished writing, I finally was able to check on Jacob. My friend who was shot last night, on his birthday. It's been ages since we spoke, but I can't imagine why anyone would (clearly) want him dead. But guess what though? He's doing better. His facebook page is full of prayers and words of encouragement. Seem silly, but it's working. God has REALLY shown me the strength and powers of prayer and the destruction that may occur in its absence. 2013 has been an interesting year thus far but that's one of its prominent things. The effects of prayer. 2013 has caused me to grow up in a way I wasn't really expecting. Since I lost Ron, every day has become so much more precious. Gradually as 2013 began, I stopped carrying soo much about marriage and kids and things along those lines. I'm more concerned with what things that I'll leave behind when I'm dead and gone. 
Tropical Sun is no joke yo!
I actually snuck into the church's yard next door
to take this pic.
         One day when I was distraught about a neuroscience class in undergraduate, I called my dad in tears. After I finished venting, he said, "Ola, how do you eat an elephant?" That question just really through me over the edge. I said, "Seriously daddy?! I'm concerned about my grades and gpa and you're asking me about eating elephants?! I don't eat elephants!!" He said, "Ola, just guess..." After my frustrated, "I don't know daddy!" and a few chuckles because I hadn't the slightest idea of how this was relevant.
Just as you probably don't right now.. lol
My father said, "You eat it one bite at a time. Stop worrying so much. Take everything a step at a time." The light bulb went on and I suddenly felt better. 
Hopefully yours has as well and I haven't lost you yet.
When I sit down and think about life's frailty, I begin to wonder if I'll reach my parent's age. Will I accomplish what I was created to do? Some days don't go well for me. Some do. The fact that I feel pain, joy, anger, relaxed... all the different emotions. Good days. Bad days. They don't get too me as much. They're all days. They're all emotions. What's consistent through all of them is God's love. I'm ffffaaaarrrrrrrrrrr from perfect. I'm no better than anyone who didn't see today's light. Yet I sleep through the night and I wake up. Because He has ordained it so. I just keep taking it one day at a time. One bite at a time. 

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