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This Day

So this morning, I woke up 45 minutes ahead of schedule to the sound of a crying baby calf!!!
After 5 minutes of hearing, 
"Mooooooo!!!! Mooooooo!!!!"
every 30 seconds, I got up frustrated and decided to shoo the thing away!
He was soo loud I thought it was like a bull or something, but when I got outside I saw this lil thang at my gate all by his lonesome self! He was just peeking in at first but I guess just like I summoned strength to get outta bed, he summoned some courage to enter the compound and look for his momma and or family.
He was clearly lost. I see more cows than I'd like to on this lil ol' island and I never see any babies just walking around by themselves.
Here I am,
in my pajamas & slippers
with an untamed fro
talking to this cow in yoruba and telling him his momma is not here!
I had 35 minutes of sleep I still wanted to get!
I do not play, joke, or lose out on sleep... I just don't!
The previous night I went to spread the last of my laundry, yet when I turned on the porch light and saw 4 cows, I ran back in the house, as they left the compound. I figured he must have been among the herd from last night....
This lil thing was not playing with me. He completely ignored me and decided to walk around the house anyway, all the while crying!
I felt bad for him but it was kind of cute too.
All the jokes stopped though when I saw the line where I spread my clothes that I took time to wash had fallen!
Yes!! I wanted to cry as well! All my laundry would have to be re-washed!
By the time I gathered my clothes from the floor 20 more minutes of my sleep time would be gone.
It was only 6:40am and I was already frustrated.

I started thinking, "It looks like it's gonna be a bad day!"
Trust me, if you woke up to a boisterous calf at 6 something in the morning,
you'd be grumpy too.
Just as immediately as that thought was released, I asked myself, 
"Why? Why must today be bad?!"
I started picking up my clothes and decided today would be the day I challenged myself.
Instead of allowing events to affect my day, I would maintain my joy. Yea I had a crazy morning, but I was determined to have an awesome day!
This one chilled inside my compound for a whole day last week. It was a really hot day and he decided the shade by my porch, underneath the tree, and in the backyard were all really nice places for him/her to chill. K

After all, God made today. So it must be good! I kept repeating to myself, today was going to be a good day and it sure was.... I ended up dozing off a bit in my favorite class, and it seemed like every time I opened my eyes the professor was starring at me. #NoBueno
I gave up coffee about 3 weeks ago and for some reason the week after exams, I find it really difficult to stay awake in class. Dozing off in such an amazing class is usually enough to make me call my mom crying. 
Not today though! Ha ha! I say I was adamant about staying happy!
I kept telling myself, God made this day and it will be great.
I managed to cook an awesome meal:
Pengasius Fish, veggies, a tomato stew, and basmati rice
with a nice glass of coconut passion fruit green tea!
I listened to some messages.
I watched an epic movie, Omo Elemosho.
Gisted with The Moms, Kemi, Twin and Pastor May.
I got Good News from a friend.
Aaannnddd someone notified me of a deposit being made into my account!
Today was great!
Today is a gift from God and I rejoiced in it!
It started off rough, but today was a great day.
I've really been working hard on Conditioning My Mind and I'm happy that calf woke me up and presented me with a challenge that previously would have destroyed my day.
I know it sounds silly that I decided to blog about this, but the fact that I stayed happy despite it all really means a lot to me. I've been thinking a lot about change and how it occurs. I usually spend my evenings reflecting on what I can do to make the next day better. Today was a bit different. I was prepared for a challenge and gradually, great things started happening. I guess all that Positive-Tea and listening to messages has been helping!
"If change is inevitable, why not let it be grand?"

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  1. This is nice. I don't think it's silly you decided to blog about this. I had a very similar day today. Well it didn't involve calfs and all but still....

  2. Madam, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Kindly check it out here:


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