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Perception is Everything

What did you think of the video?!?! Did you notice the sound effects on the words? Or were you like me and didn't notice anything weird until the part where he mentions ol' girl's addictions? Did anything stick out to you? Iono buh if I tell a friend of the opposite sex that I'm broke, he doesn't just show up at my door with money in hand expecting me to do something... I thought that was mucho awkward and even more awkward that he seemed willing to just come over and pay for services
Thennnnn I was like hold up? The camera angle when she was at work...was just off...?! 
And Then...
I saw my thinking is actually what was really off!!
Well Then

I tell ya i found it in a timely manner though. 
Yessuh this is very relevant to me right now...
February, oh dear February! It started off so rough. The first week, every day seemed to be a bad day. Nothing detrimental happened I just felt behind in work, wasn't motivated to blog, and I was just tired all the time. I later realized it was just stress and I wasn't doing the whole balancing act well. You know that thing in adulthood where you manage all facets of life...? yea, I wasn't balancing nada.
I was complaining ohhh!!
Chale!! God bless my friends that hear me whine and cry and have a pi-tay par-tay!
Myyyyyyyy GOODNESS!
I just felt incompetent in every aspect.
Then it just so happened that I posted something on Facebook which led to a very interesting conversation about what you expose yourself to whether it's the positive aspect or the negative aspect.
Take for instance, something as simple as spiders. If I don't like spiders, in order not to intensify the dislike or create a fear, I'd just avoid everything about them. From information on how to kill spiders to the different types of spiders to what they eat. I know the basics already... they have 8 legs, they can bite and they eat flies and bugs right? dont quote me sha. Therefore the good, the bad, the ugly about spiders... ion need it in my newsfeed, TL, instagram, newspaper, breakfast... worefa! It is not necessary. Why? Because I need to keep my mind clean of spiders. 
So lemme land before you start asking what this has to do with my series of bad days AND the short film.
You too de rush all the time!
Anyway, I de here for you. Make I continue...
I used spiders as an example but let's say it was something more serious like an ex-something, cigarettes, fear of failing a course, the subject of an addiction... you can pretty much put anything in place of spiders. Now staying away from all the extra information on it doesn't mean that the it or the associated mal-emotions will make it go away at all. You've simply managed to divert your attention away from it. Lowkey though, I think my friend was also trying to tell me why I worry so much. I have a bad habit of focusing all my attention on something that threatens/bother me. Whether I think the thing will consume and kill me or if I think I'm stronger than it, all my mental energy is all on it! So you can imagine that once something goes wrong, my whole day is usually off from that point onward.
Like last week when I accidentally missed class.. smh
instead of making the most of the day and catching up on what I missed, I had anotha party... yea a pity party.
Granted a lot happened that day and the previous buh I wont get into all of that.
So like the next day after having that awesome conversation, Pastor May 
preached a message on Conditioning The Mind. Talk about on time again!!! She was pretty much like just as body builders build their muscles, people ought to condition their minds. Stop focusing on things that bring us down. Stop letting those seemingly little negative thoughts slide by because eventually they build a mind set.
Ssooo Truueee!!
So later when I came across the movie and watched it; I was like awl nawl! Initially through the first half, I didn't even realize that there were words missing! My mind just filled in a whole bunch of negative answers. The brother looked like a light skinned African-American so when he handed the dude some money, I was sure he just bought some form of narcotics (Sorry, I'm just being honest) BUT I didn't see any drugs being passed...  And ol' hair braiding girl, Challeeee!! LOL I definitely thought she was into some kind of promiscuous side job!!
Then when he was like, 
"would you give me a second chance?"
The fact that the question was even asked made me wonder what I missed? Only to find out Ms Ola B's mind filled in all the wrong answers. 
Yea mayne.
In this day and age ehn, it is very very easy to be bogged down by negative thoughts. I mean we can't really blame ourselves either because so many really negative things are happening. However, we de responsible for what do we place our minds on.
More than ever, it's apparent I need to reset my mindset until it hits a new level of positivity! 
So yes, allow me to be really cheesy and say
I am now concentrating on filling my cup with a bunch of 
Ha!! LOL
yea I laughed in real life... worefa!

P.S. See! I took you all over the place... a short film, a convo, I even took ya ta chuurch!! But I landed didn't I and everything come make sense in the end.
tree eye fives

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5 sentiments:

  1. Wow. I definitely need to work more on renewing my mind, as St. Paul advised in Romans. I did notice on the first run that some words were buzzed off, but it just didn't occur to me that could be that instrumental in affecting my perception. Everyone truly does deserve a second chance but we're always so quick to judge others.

  2. Of course they were implemented to guide our thoughts a certain way, BUT at least you noticed them instead of filling in the blanks!

    Challeeee!!!! It took me about 10 seconds to label the guy with all kinds of stereotypes... drug dealer or user, a-not-so-nice-promiscuous-name, cheater and liar! SMH only to see the guy went to fix his very long hair. Imagine oh! Maybe I just need a new mind! LOL

  3. I'm really not into reading blogs because I always feel like I need to be doing something constructive... which I rarely do.. I just mostly occupy my time with the thought of doing this or that....but ne-ways, no long thing! I absolutely enjoyed your blog.

    I watched the video above and I never once thought he was doing something negative. I realized the missing words and I knew she was braiding his long beautiful hair... they gave so many context clues and I AM A CONTEXT CLUE THIEF!!! CONTEXT CLUE OLE!!! Yeaup!!!!

    That being said, I agree with you on the idea and fact that half of what we feel is simply perception. Like I perceive having this seemingly busy life but I spend at least 24 hours on Facebook! LOL!!!( but I do get my work, I don't understand how it happens but it does.)

    Ne ways, Like you said this blog couldn't have came at a better time for me. I needed it tonight, I read your blog as I sat at the bar in my kitchen... sipping on a glass of Riesling... (sorry, tonight was not a cup of tea night...tea is for good :P). Soaking up in my feelings about something I will not disclose and .... then the phone rings..... and I stop responding to this blog..... FFWD to the next day...TODAY..... I realize perception is 97% of most things/situations! I perceive positivity... and I hope to receive POSITIVE :P !!! # Keep it Sake! ;)

    1. yaassss!!! Goooo NOMI!!! That's awesome that you knew she was braiding hair! That shows how messed up I view things too! HA! LOL!

      Yay! I'm happy you decided to get you some positive-Tea too :p

      And YES! FB & HW are like oil & water but somehow they go together like bread & burra!

  4. I responded a few nights ago but google, disrespectfully deleted my words! LOL. Ne how. I knew all along he was getting his long pretty fro braided and it wasn't sexual... there were so many context clues! I am a context clue thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. But, I scan totally understand hw one can interpret otherwise!

    Perception is a great percentage of understanding and interpretation. Yes, to some degree we do have to categorize and form opinions about things and people but in many cases the perceptions are unfair and dangerous! A good example....
    Sometime ago I watched a facebook video of little girls dancing at a bday party. Everyone on the book wanted to raise hell about the dances being too provocative for the kids... and I argued 2 things...1. it is our adult mind that sees provocative. The children's innocent minds simply saw dancing. ( The kids were doing some of the latest naija dances such as azonto....etc. ( I can't list them because I don't keep up.)) Some suggested that the children shouldn't be dancing like that because then adults may start looking at them...>_< WHATTAAAAGUAN!??????????? Adults should be responsible ADULTS! Others said the children will start thinking about sex! hmmmm...Confusion as come!!!!!!!! LOL... OUR adult minds are full of garbage and we transfer the garbage from one to another. 2ndly, I could have sworn azonto was cultural, also a lot of African traditional dance moves include a combination of leg, butt and hip movements... so are we saying traditional dances are to provocative to share with our children? To round it all up we need to chill on the judgments we make about things! :-) I like this blog entry sake!!! :-) I hope my example isn't too far fetched.


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