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HIV Cured Baby

So the other day when I was skyping with the baby sis, she was telling me something about "a baby who got aids taken out of 'em"

I was just like, gurl? what is this English you are speaking? As if I can talk right? Then later, I saw in my news feed:
I believe God cured that baby of AIDs and now science is trying to take the glory from Him.
Then I was like okay, what's really going on? You all should know by now, I'm not always the most up to date 
Welp, I googled and it turns out there was a new born who was cured of AIDs. 
The infant was treated with antiviral treatments which seemed to rather quickly disrupt the diabolical path of the disease and left the baby with no traits of it.
Extremely Awesome
Researchers are now kinda hopeful that they can cure HIV
Kudos to Science
I had to blog about this! I think it's exciting. In general its always sad when a person contracts HIV for whatever reason via whatever medium
We all have a lil HIV knowledge so need to state its transmitted via unprotected sex, needle sharing, blood transfusions/contact with infected blood...
But it's extremely heartbreaking when an innocent child is infected!
Nooo!! Not the children!!
I really hope there is a substantial medical breakthrough and they're able to replicate this cure in another child. Oh and how humans will find a way to make an ordeal out of that.
Who gets the treatment? How much should it cost?
God willing, enemies of progress won't make things too complicated!
Speaking of God, 
why must it be that science is trying to steal God's shine?
Can we be happy one less child will be living with AIDs?
Or even thank God that there was wisdom and the boldness to even attempt the aggressive treatment? I mean, I can imagine there were a lot of risks involved in the attempt. Oh and if things were to go wrong! Or if that child died! Soo many people will be shouting...
Anyway sha, I'm all for God and science, I really don't see why the two most be seen as opposites.
Either way,
Hooray for the breakthrough!!

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  1. God Himself is science. The reason the world doesn't under this fact is clearly stated in 1 Cor: 20 - 21

    Thanks for sharing this. I love, love, love the way you write(Y).


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