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Fire On The Mountain!

Mmyyyyyyyyy GOODNESS!
HIV awareness STD safe sex
Is this real life?
Or na movie we de watch am for?
A man has been intentionally infecting people with HIV!
More than 300 victims suspected?!
Now, I will refrain from overly advocating for celibacy at this moment...
insinuating fear never helped anybody.
Mmyyyyyyyyy GOODNESS!
Why would anyone want to do such a thing?
According to some articles I read, he lost his mom or something and since then has acquired a vendetta against the world. I mean c'mon! Ogini?! Are you the first person to lose a loved one?
I was actually really reluctant to write about this because I couldn't find any credible sources. It seems like the story may have been pulled from NY's NBC's website as well. When I clicked on a link that I saw, it went to a completely different story, and this happened on several occasions. So I'm not really sure how true the story is...? It's circulating on a ton of lgbt sites though.
And like I said,
I won't do the "stereotypical christian thing" and push scriptures down ya throats & just be like
See this here is exactly why folks need to be celibating and thangs!
Because that makes it seem like it's a debate between Christians and NonChristians
but I'm pretty sure Judaism and Islam teach about celibacy as well.
What struck me with this is how far humanity has come with regarding life so casually!
I don't think you heard me (yes heard me) well the first time.
I Said
Humanity now views life so casually!
It's crazy mayne!!!
This man chose a very different weapon of choice, but the youth have been picking up guns and killing themselves, coppers are having shooting sprees, gangs still don't have any aim...
I mean it is sheer ridiculousness how fast humans resort to violence.
Is there no other way to resolve our issues?
In this video the soulful Asa asks,
"What did he say to make you so blind, to your conscious and reason?"
It really is a wonder and I really don't want to spend time blogging about a problem without discussing a solution. However what could be the solution to such a degradation in civilization?
I'm not sure, but I'll take a stab at it...
Could the answer be US?!
Maybe if we decide to go against the grain and speak out a bit instead of turning a blind eye...?
Maybe if we decided not to laugh at jokes that undermined others....?
Maybe even simple things as talking to that person who seems ultra depressed and asking if they need someone to talk to....?
I could be all wrong here, but maybe, just maybe if we all tried to be a bit more caring and respect each other and ourselves,
maybe things wouldn't be so bad.
It makes me feel somehow when terms like "kill yo self fool" and "I just died" and "just slap a heaux" and "that exam raped me" become so popular and generally used by everyone. Does power of the tongue hold any validity anymore? How about saying what you mean and meaning what you say?
I could be out here on a loop, but this is my blog and these are just my thoughts mayne.
Yea sometimes you do feel like slapping people, I know I do, and inanimate objects do dare us at times, but are there no better choice of words? Could these seemingly innocent actions be degrading how we view and care for one another?
Yall what am I saying?!
Just Let Us all do ourselves a favor and think a bit 
before we speak, 
laugh in agreement to things,
react to others,
accept things as "cool,"
and choose to ignore clearly identified issues.
Maybe, juss maybe, we can begin to breed a society with higher morals and views.
Or what do you think?

Juss In Case you're unaware of the meaning of ogini and had trouble finding it in the related article, it's an Igbo word meaning "what," taken from the short exclamation ogini kwanu, which means "what's happening?" And thus ends another short lesson on Nigerian slangs, idioms, exclamations and more! 
From your wonderfully blessed teacher Ola J I*POW*

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  1. All l can say is that we are really in the End-times.

    1. Yeske! That we are!!! Which is more reason why people should stand for what is right!


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