In Rehab Say Whhaa

My Past: Featuring Gabrielle Union as Ola Blessed

This movie is It!
It is a snippet of my past!
I was not stood up at the alter,
but I have been stood up & rejected by men that I loved.
Sad, I know.... but whatever.
Can we focus on the fact that Gabrielle Union was chosen to play me?!
And also that beautiful woman in the Red Coat and Black Brazzierre was TemElectronica on that epic night my heart was bleeding?! She would Sooo Rock That!
Adepero Oduye did fabulous as Lady K. I mean she had the role down to a Tea! Few words, just strong and meaningful actions!
and that Decor!!
My Goodness!
During this time of my life, my place of resident was 
Veerrrryyyyy Faaarrrrrrr (Like East from West far)
from this grandiose and luxurious beauty they decided to place me in, but I Am Honored. Thank you for not exposing my college budget!
The view they gave me was breathe taking.
The subtle colors, the water, the brick wall... all very serene; but Gabrielle Union's, wait I mean, My quiescent response reflects how much internal turmoil was occurring. 
I am just speechless!
Gabrielle Union in The Door
Jasmine Mans said
Never Regret Loving In Permanent Ink.
The regret ended a long time ago.
Today... today, I'm grateful that I did love that way.
I'm literally floored by Love and His work in my life!
Mehn, I grumbled and complained, but He's not even through yet and I'm astonished!
He's just that amazing.
And The Fact that He had this Wonderful & Stunning Cast make a short film on a part of My past
just proves I Am His Favorite!
Love Him even after death!
*Steps down from Podium*
*Exits Honest Tea Cafe Smiling in Everyone's Face*

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