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Forward Progression

As everyone is fully aware, it is Black History Month. 

I have to be honest though, apart from the cool research projects I was forced to do in grammar school, I never really cared about it.
One, I'm Nigerian American, literally. Nigerian by blood and American by birth. So sheepishly, I confess that it never really seemed like my history, which is a semi-false statement. But being a blogger means I gotta kinda sorta keep up with the times as it relates to my lil virtual cafe.

yes, this is a cafe if you haven't noticed the tea and complements theme I have going here... rme. I'll try harder if you pay more attention. Agreed...? Good. 
Anywhoo, aside from that, I get really peeved off when I see: 
Nigerians portrayed/branded negatively in the media, 
how the media so artistically singles out black suspects,
 how they'd much rather have crimes at prime time than featuring a black community banding together and doing something amazing, and the list can go On. 
Le Sigh
I know there are plenty average African-Americans & Africans doing great things worldwide. I have always wished this type of news was in way more circulation than the negative. I mean I legitimately agree that bad things do happen. Fa real, if you look at the best and worst events of current times, Nigerians will be in both categories. So I'm not tryna promote some pseudo-euphoric world, I'm juss saying can we get some positivity?!  
So I'm challenging myself, and you as well, to celebrate BHM a new way. Instead of focusing on the big things, like Obama being inaugurated with Martin Luther King Jr's Bible, and Gabby Douglas winning the Olympics, Let Us, emphasis on Us Letting,find positive events that are not so popularly known and/or things that the African-American and African Communities should be more aware about. 
And that is certainly not to take away from those events/accomplishments either. Those were both phenomenal events but inaugurations and the Olympics doesn't happen to just anybody on any old regular day. Let's look at current happenings that affect more people.

make I go first.

1. 419 Positive Project 
419 reasons to LIKE Nigeria!

2. Ethical Riddles in HIV Research 
There's more to know about HIV/AIDs than just how not to get the virus!

3. House of Representatives passes
Historic Settlement with Black Farmers
- Obama expected to sign soon!! 

4. African Cup of Nations

- Nigeria beat Mali today! Whhoooppp!!
Email or tweet me if you want a livestream link for the next game

See here,
wipes sweat from brows & cracks knuckles
those tree I gave you, took werk.
It's your turn!
Comment with ya BHM Positivity
Email it to me: 

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