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Dreaming Ridiculously

Most people spend their lifetime doing mundane things. Some men will

strike out and do remarkable things. Then there are those who will

dream the inconceivable and achieve things that are incomprehensible
to the majority. To which category do you belong? Do we choose our
category or does God Almighty choose that for us.

Take Joseph; His dreams were ridiculous and even downright offensive

as far as his brothers were concerned. What would make everyone in the
family bow down to the youngest?
Why did Joseph not put those dreams down to heavy dinners and too much
studying? Why did he believe them to the point of voicing them .It
takes faith and courage to voice grandiose dreams but these are
themselves the qualities needed to achieve the impossible.

Mundane activities do not attract attention and small dreams hardly

evoke too much opposition but as soon as you step into the realm of
the hitherto undone, unthought-of and unachieved, get ready for
ridicule, criticism and much solitude.

So back to the question; does God choose our category? I believe He

gives the dream but the choice to validate it is ours .Most men back
down from a dream because they feel unworthy. What made Barak Obama
feel he was worthy and qualified to be the first black president of
the United States of America?

Have you considered that the fact that you have the dream already

pre-supposes your qualification .The possibilities that you perceive
are inextricably tied to your God-given Purpose.

So what do you do with ridiculously big dreams? Validate them, Nurture

them, Voice them, visualize them and against all odds, press forward

-Osas Agho

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