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Say Whaaa?!: Joy Ike, Jahdiel, Kenny Kore

It's been soooo long since I've done a Say Whaaa post!

 So I'll dedicate the first one of 2013 to something we all enjoy, MUSIC! 
Yess! Yall know how I be... I'm not the hippest or quickest to catch on to trends, but hey, na! This time I've got 2/3 NEW Songs and one is fairly new. I'll admit, I had some help but still... 
C'mon, I think we can define that as progress for the new year! Besides, a few of these artists, you may never have heard of before. Which would mean that I'm more up to date than... you!

let's dig in, shall we?

Joy Ike
I came across this soulful lady yesterday while I was on a study break which I happened to use to tweet. Because I'm not always tweeting (._. )
(*coughs* This is where I gve credit to someone else because of their help.)
 @3rdPro who also runs a blog tweeted this into my TL. I pressed play and my ears were pleased! Hopefully, yours will be too!

Next we have.....
This woman done tey for my playlist no be small time! hahaha <Translation> This woman has been in my playlist for years now. I was just unaware that she had a new song/album out. The visuals accompanying the message in the song are quite nice... What else can I say? I'm a fan. (I gotta warn you though, there's some high pitched notes at the end. Like I said, I'm a fan...)

finally but probably the one I'm the most excited about...
Kenny Kore
So first of all, before I discuss this here video and song, lemme publicly bash myself for a minute... I am actually a pretty big fan Kenny Kore fan. So I really wanna know woraheck happened to me when I saw him in the airport in Dec and just kinda froze. Was I starstruck?! As in the man actually stopped probably thinking I would want an autograph or something but Ola Blessed DULLED MAJORLY. SMH I just stood there while my guards cousins (the surveillance I was under is a whole different 'tori mayne), asked who he was? Double Wham! again, SMH!!!! Grrrr!!!!!
Anywhoo, *ehm ehm* this song rightchea! I can't really say much without ruining the story line,  but I must say it is well produced. The only place where my expectations felt short was with the translations. If you scroll down underneath the video in youtube you may even see my comment under my channel (yep, I've got surprises and good thangs planned for 2013!) J This song is bomb though. I'm really hoping I run into Kenny Kore again, this time I will surely speak and I'm hoping even sooner that he'll produce/release more music videos for that amazing album! Heck, even give us the people a tour!

As per usual, I gorra go back and study but seriously, I hope these songs encourage you and even make you smile.

Next week, I got some shake-ya-bum-bum-Praise-Tha-Living-Jesus-Music for ya from HenriSoul and some others!
Say Whhaaa?!

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