In Say Whhaa

Mr. & Mrs.

No be say Mr & Mrs Smith I de talk ohh!
Na Mr & Mrs. Abah!
I literally JUST finished watching this movie
but it was too too too good I say make I blog about am.

I haven't watched a Nollywood movie this good since 2010's Ohun Oko So Mi Da.
In fact I think this is the 1st English Nollywood Drama that I have so thoroughly enjoyed.
Nollywood is Nigeria's Cinema Industry and in case you haven't heard, since 2009 it is only second to the world leader, India, in movie production. Don't believe me? Click here.
-End of Nollywood Introductory Lesson-

Ehen, so this movie!!!
I gotta tell you about the Mrs!
She is a superb actress. She is definitely number one in Nigeria, according to moi.
Nse Ikpe Etim, I 've seen her play a few a roles before and each time I'm amazed. Most naija actresses stick to one emotion and play that their whole lives... yea I said it. BUT Ms. Etim does a great job in every role I've seen her in... This one does not fall short of that statement. In essence, she beats my expectation with every movie.
-End of famzing-
You know I would never leave you without a dictionary right?

You say?
Make I land & park at my point abi?
Ehnn well without telling you the entire gist of the movie, the said Mr. & Mrs. Abah hit some unforeseen circumstances and someone does something about it.
I say, after the 1st two minutes and I saw the clarity of the movie, decor of the homes (yea I check that), the first few lines of some characters, and the demeanor of Nse Ikpe Etim I knew weytin I had set before my eyes was a good ting!
The movie is encouraging, insightful, and full of laughs!!
So juss make you do like you suppose do and

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