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I found Love

You are about to read an Epic Story.  
It’s a story about me and how I found love. This story I am about to share with you is one that will leave your jaw wide open. This story will keep you breathless. This story I am about to share with you may change your mind about me. This love story is nothing you have ever heard of or read about. The story goes like this …… I was in love with a Stripper.

A hottie to the eye.

But empty within.

Gold and silver radiates around her.
Her ways I have followed for years; gradually her touch sucked my inner man leaving me to feed on emptiness.

Yes, I was in love with a stripper. Stripped of all my essence, my goals; my passion became a mess.

My life I had lost. Sold out to damnation.

Daily I began to die to my spirit man, trapped in her world of illusions.
Living a life with a Hunger for the temporary highs from her. Gradually I was trapped in the illusions of her. For years I grew cold inside, with no life left in my spirit. Like an apple, I was rotting from within.

One Day He found me, loved me even though I was far from Perfect.
See, I explained to Him, I am chained to my master. A slave I have become with no hope of freedom. The quality of having existence tied to the stripper. “Your name?” I asked.

“I Am that I Am” He said.

Lost as I was, I could not grasp the intensity of His name.

He asked me “what do you owe this master of yours?”

“My life,” I replied. “The stripper had taken me captive. She promised me all things attractive, all things money can buy.”

“All things?” He asked.

 “Yes, all things,” I replied, “but in return I will lose my life.” I began to swallow the things of damnation but slowly dying losing my purpose for life. “And here You are Telling me how precious I am to you and how you will give me more and even life.”

 At first I could not believe Him, but all He wanted was to love me. He died for me, changed me, renewed me and made me the apple of His eye. Daily I walked with Him, talked with Him, even told people about Him. I brag about The Love that found me.

Ooooooooh how loving He is! My heart longed for Him. In Him I saw the inner me. The me I was created for. The joy I feel inside for Him is everlasting. Oh how beautiful is His touch. I was in love with a stripper but now I am married to The Savior.

-Osas Daniel Agho

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