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Halleluyah Motiri Agbalumo!

Hello All,
for the first translation of this post we'll be examining the title:
Halleluyah Motiri Agbalumo!
which translates to:
Halleluyah I Have Seen White Star Apple!
Check the color transition and it's pretty clear how the Yoruba words translate into English.
No, I'm not writing a post about how I saw a fruit.
That would be epically lame, unless it had some super cool story to it, like the time a rooster hiding in a mango tree scared the crap outta me by crowing as I walked underneath but it doesn't.
What I am exclaiming about is 2 new song I fell in love with and some great healthcare research straight out of Nigeria.

The first song,
has been on repeat since the first time I played it!

The second song,
is by my Kenny Kore.
Yes, I know. He's married, but the music he makes is delightful.

And Finally!!!!

Which is a wonderful sweet fruit, according to what I've heard.
Unfortunately, I haven't had one yet, but I'm on a hunt.
I'm told it grows on the island but isn't in season yet so I'm waiting yo!
Anyway, this great fruit that is a phenomenal hit in Nigeria, has actually been proven to help successfully fight diabetes and high blood pressure!
Yes! An extract was taken from its seed and a study was carried out.

The results, which were published in 2008, would make many Nigerians happy if they knew about it! A wonderful friend of mine saw an article regarding its health benefits in an online magazine. I gotta admit I was reluctant at first, so I went ahead and did a lil researching of my own.
I was pleased to find the published article.
Here it is.
Reading the abstract alone will give you a great idea of what this yummy lil fruit is capable of doing.It also seems more than one study has been done.
I even gave you background music sef, listen to Halleluyah & Motiri as ya read!
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2 sentiments:

  1. i looooooove Agbalumo!!! one of my fave fruits, hands down. & i didn't even know it had super powers lol...i so miss it. get me some when u get u some! i'll love u forever. please. thank u.

    1. Yasss!!!!!! Agbalumo just may be our local super hero! lol And I'll be sure to mail you (maybe e-mail and not postal... you know US gots all kinds of regulations) a bunch!


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