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Blind Hears

This picture is Completely Unrelated. I just think it's funny
I was on the verge of running late, which is already a great beginning because usually I am running late smh (unless it's school). I hopped in the car, didn't let it warm up (don't tell my dad) and did something different. I turned on the radio. I often listen to media on my phone but this time I surprised myself. I tuned in to Moody (90.1FM Chicago) and they were in the middle of a program.
A man was asked about a particular day where his little daughter jumped into a pool. I remember him describing everything so vividly. He said he didn't hear her get off the couch, open the patio screen door or run on the patio... He just heard her splash into the pool. That's when he got up and ran in after her. Once entering the pool he was only able to grope around to search for her.

At this point I’m thinking, werin dey hapun (And as we open our Nigerian Pidgin <-> English Dictionary we realize “werin dey hapun” is one of many ways to exclaim what is happening)?! I’m captivated but a bit lost. I understand the man’s baby girl is about to die, but what’s going on? Why such intricate detail on the sounds? Like I’m one to complain about details! Pfft! And why is he groping?!
But of course, I let the man continue…
After a few seconds he said he was still & said to God (as I remembered it), "Really?! You've given me, a blind man, such a beautiful wife, a lovely home & this wonderful little girl. Is this really how she's going to die? If you give her back to me I promise to live an exemplary life for You."  He continued, "at that second I heard her release two ear bubbles. You couldn't have heard it if you tried. You wouldn't have heard because you couldn't. Right then I grabbed my little girl and today she's a beautiful woman. After that I thought it was funny how God answers in the fire. He didn't send an angel. There was no extraordinary phenomenon. He used me, a blind man with my ordinary skills. He used me to do something extraordinary, to perform a miracle. That's grace. It was sufficient enough to save her life."

Talk about fire!! And allow me to go back and add a "hmmmph," "PREACH It!" At every opportune interval!!! This man, who I now know is Tom Sullivan, explained the concept of grace as simple as I have ever heard it; God taking the ordinary ability of man and performing something Incredible. Times before the concept of grace used to just fly over my head, except for the days when I decided to procrastinate to the last minute to finish an assignment the day it was to be submitted, or when I’ve done something I knew I had no business doing and surely did not want to be exposed *clears throat and readjusts* I know I could count on the unmerited favor of God to bail me out.
Yea, that was grace before… which actually isn’t false, but this man’s experience gave it depth. These days, grace is something I need to mix in with my breakfast to ensure I successfully make it through a day! I have so much on my to-do list that by 2pm I’m either getting ready to pull my hair out or call (select one or all depending on severity) Homie, Best Friend, Mentor, Big Momma, Pastor, and or Momma & Pops; OR if things are going well, I will surely take a nap or watch a movie. However, remembering grace as Tom Sullivan defines it helps me to stay calm and remember that I need to buckle down and focus on my own part. For the rest, God’s grace steps in and makes my conventional work seem quite exceptional.

If you’re interested, read up more on Tom Sullivan

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