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The wind is blowing, way more than I’m used to in the Windy City. The country breeze was definitely a pleasant surprise. The voices of elderly people singing hymns and praising the Lord reaches my ears and places a gentle smile on my face. I’m used to living in the big city but staying here on this country style island will be a joyful pleasure.

I love how You have strategically placed me next to a church and then on the opposite side, from my window I can hear the hymns. The reception is great. I have received Your signals and codes very clearly. I’m not alone. You are here with me on all sides, in every way, in every breath and step. I get it and I love You. Thank You for putting such effort into letting me know that You care so much and wouldn’t let me go to the remotest part of the world without You. I can be stubborn and sometimes I do ignore You, but even then Your Love never evaporates. Even then without my knowing You guide my every move. I’m sorry for those times, moments, days, where I break Your heart. When I take You for granted, I apologize. I love You. I’m grateful. I’m learning to truly love You more than life itself. 
It’s funny writing this now. 
I remember that day. 
I had to be about 9 or 10 years old. I don’t remember where exactly we were going. I just remember my parents were driving and my bro and I sat in the back. I was just mesmerized at their ability to adapt. How could they... How did they leave all they knew and had in Nigeria to come to the States in “search of something better.” What if things went wrong? Welp... when things went wrong how did they manage? How did they soar above their challenges and out of literally nada they have accomplished so much.
Ironically, before leaving the house to catch my flight, I dropped my purse. 2 nickels, a dime and a quarter fell out. I reached down to pick them up but paused. The scenario seemed awkwardly familiar. Here I was, again getting ready to leave for another country (where I know not a single soul), and I’m picking coins from the floor. Similar to when my dad used to pick coins to add to his nothing paycheck just to survive. Key differences: I was standing, in the country where he and his wife arrived with nothing, conquered and acquired many things. I stood in the home they built with hard earned money and faith. A home built not necessarily because they fancied the American dream, but for the comfort and nurture of their children. A home that would have been impossible without You.  
            Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” – Psalm 127:1
I stood prepared to leave with the same motives in search of the same thing.
Not only do I remember, I understand. 
I am the arrow built by the Archer. 
Not only am I placed in Your hands but I am also in their care. I am to overcome and defeat every and all opposition not just for You, for them, but for the future of my family. For 1st Rib, I must and will overcome. The legacy we are to weave does not allow room for an unequal distribution of ambition, vision, strength, nor dunamis. For my children, I will give my best, sacrifice and surmount tribulations. The more 1st Rib and I build, the less they have to suffer. One day, they’ll look back remember, understand, and appreciate just as I have or I will be handing out slaps,  and be motivated to excel in new days; come what may.

            Deo duce, virtute comite ac, fide, dilectione fiduciam, fidem non capit orbis, hoc omne victoriam.- Ola Blessed

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