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What's the point?

       HonesTea, Rehab, Chat Tea, Purple Ink, Saying Say Whaaa all the dang time... What is really the point? What is really the aim? Well, thus far in my short adulthood, I've learned a lot of people struggle with similar things. If  there's truly nothing new under the sun, then someone somewhere has experienced whatever it is that we sometimes painfully endure. In my opinion, all of our experiences are the same; they just come in different colors, languages, flavors, attires, walks, situations. However, some people just keep quiet about it all. Heck, they could be sitting right next to you and you would never know that they are experiencing or have experienced something that is still a source of pain (or even joy) for you. 
          I remember when a mentor shared with me something extremely painful and private about her past. I remember crying that night because somehow I knew that someone else knew the exact horror I felt over parts of my past. It somehow sparked a glimpse of hope.
I remember when I listened to a complete stranger talk about her stumbles, abuse, and obstacles she faced in her walk of faith. That time too, I cried. I was made cognizant that I'm not the only one playing tough girl to cover up battle scars. 
          If those people, along with others, decided to act like there's not a thing in this world that they struggle(d) with, I surely won't be where I am today. Many pretend to be perfect like there's not a single skeletal bone in their closet or a stale dry old cookie in the cupboard. I'm not here for that! It's far from reality. 
         I understand it's rarely a comfortable option nor is it likely to be something you do over a Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappuccino with a yummy cookie when reconnecting with old friends... but hey, this is my lil virtual tea shop. I choose to share the events and lessons learned in this school of life with the hopes that it will make someone smile, laugh... And maybe even cry as they see a silver lining while learning from my own faults. 
Just do not expect me to be perfect. Typos are not the only mistakes I make! I'm not professing to be a guru or some kind of self-proclaimed know it all. I still got breath in me, that means I am still learning...
Ola B

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