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TGIF: I've Got Mail

You know it is a good weekend when we start if off with some mail! Yep, yep, someone sent me some goods! Okay, I actually received this last week, but still...
My very good homie, Pepsi, sent me some quality products.
Of course, it is only polite of me to share it with you.
So here we go!

Who ever starts a weekend of with lack of funds, probably isn't having the most fun. It's amazing how money is such a powerful tool but deemed by many as otherwise. It surely is NOT that money makes people happy, but as a resource it is quite dynamic... "depending on who's hands it's in!" I took that from the brah Suli Breaks
Right here, this brah mayne breaks it down! I was definitely impressed with his artistry of words.... I wish things like this made it to tv!

Some of us are familiar with Wale's Ambitious Girl, but I'm sure many of us haven't heard of this.... Talk about encouragement from a sad tale! 

In honor of Single Lady's Day
in addition to wonderful vacation,
 a 2 hour long walk (hee hee inside joke), 
and a fancy Waffle House equipped with a long hair don't care Dominican 
(another inside joke),
I am celebrating with this poem!
I dedicate it to us single ladies with a mission.
I'm even thinking about making a remix to this explaining how The Box Mends!
Listen. Watch. Understand whaa I'm talking 'bout.

Have A Blessed Weekend.
I'm still waiting for your e-mail.
What made you LOL at work like you were at home chilling in your pj's? What through an epiphany at you when you least expected it? Sharing is caring!

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