In Say Whhaa

All in Ade's Work

So I've been gone for a minute, but I'm back...
During my unexpected hiatus, I found myself going Say Whhaaa often.
Like when I read about the Pregnant Lady in the Olympics,
When I saw this lil clip on the power of music,
the speeches at the DNC 
can we collectively say...

My favorite was ultimately President Clinton's speech,
but during his speech it was more like,
"did my former president just say that?! Yes he did!!"
"hmmmmmmmm, that was the truth."
"this man is something else! LOL!!"
my point is, 
I've been a tad bit more current, I've also been a tad bit more busy.
I constantly have to remind myself to enjoy every bit of every day
and to STOP just moving through busy schedules.
Because honestly, things could go absolutely wrong
awkwardly wrong.
Sorta like they did for Ade in this short film!
I laughed my butt off when I first watched this.
It is amazingly hilarious. 
It's funny, but hey thangs happen... 
We gotta learn to smile and see it through to the next day.

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