In Purple Ink


If a picture paints a thousand words... this one may be lacking.

Somehow I found myself on a hiatus from a lot of things in August.
It just sorta happened.
Wait, no...
Most times when people say that, it's usually about something bad.
In this case it's not bad, unless you all are in dire need of some posts from me.
In that case it's bad...
"Real bad, Michael Jackson"
Did anybody see what I did there...?
Yes. No. Maybe, so...?
Never fear,
Ola is still here.
Before the end of August, I shall be back with some great things for us to talk about.
Yes tings done sele and I gotsta share!
Thangs have been han'nnenning and you goin' hear bout e'ery one of em.

Okay, wait
I'm doing too much.....

Write to ya soonest,
Ola Blessed

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