In Purple Ink

Then there was peace

When Ola Blessed, Ms. @AyoKumbee, gets quiet... someting* de.
When the ting* that de before has now gone, she go talk ohh.
as always, all that is well ends well.
Sometimes, it is easy to view the glass half-empty.
There's still water in the glass, but the lack of the other half can be very discouraging...
if you concentrate on it.
Before, the second a drop of water seemed to bounce out of that half full glass,
I would just hoop and holler! 
I could not imagine how or why that small amount of mishap
must happen.
I could not part with it.
Forget the rest of the water remaining, 
something has left the cup.
Ring the alarm!!!
I guess it's a sign for me that shows maturity has set in
because now, I can't be bothered.
Yes things do not always go as planned.
Yes some days are darker than others, heck sometimes weeks, months...
But life is still beautiful.
The glass may be 50% plus one drop empty, 
but there are soo many other beautiful things occurring.
I am going forward.
I'm alive.
I'm graced to meet amazing phenomenal people in this walk called life.
I'm focused.
I don't regret a single moment of my life.
I've got breath, joy, and laughter.
Things may not always go as planned,
but I'm in the hands of The Master Planner.
Everything, and I mean every single thing, will be absolutely outstanding.
I heard a preacher say, 
The mind of God is advancement, progress, forward movement.
In the mind of God, there's no limitation to your advancement.
You can break every limit and Go Forward!
-Pastor Doctor Sola Oludoyi
I believe that wholeheartedly.
What's a few bumps along the road then?
Again I say, The Master Planner is with me.
Who goin' check me boo?
I am moving forward.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.
Romans 8:28

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