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Power In The Process

I am ‘far-fetched’ in my thinking.  
I don’t believe anything is impossible and my basis is this: GOD is sovereign (Ps24:1).  Simple.  HE rules over all (Ps 103:19) and can do what HE likes and HE has a soft spot for me (Isaiah43:4), so much that HE gave me HIS absolute best and allowed HIM to go through pain and suffering just so I could be with HIM eternally (John3:16).  If HE did that, what will HE not do (Rom8:32)? So it’s hard for me to conceive anything as out of reach.  The issue often times is that what we want is not in alignment with GOD’s will (James4:3, Prov19:21).  So it’s imperative that we be in tune with HIS SPIRIT, because the SPIRIT knows HIS will (1Cor2:10) and if we are surrendered, HE will lead us accordingly (Isaiah 30:21).

And sometimes, even when we are in alignment with the will of GOD, things won’t come right when we want them.  And if I’ve learned anything in my walk with GOD (though through kicking, screaming, biting, and pouting), it is this (besides the deep yet simple truth that GOD loves us fiercely), it is that there is 
power in the process.

     I’ve learned that what we learn in the acquisition of one thing or the other that GOD put in our hearts, is often times more valuable and profound and lasting even than the very thing we go through it to get.  GOD is sooo wise and HE knows that only such can motivate us enough to do certain things…things that if we do more of, we can grow much more into what HE intends for us.  So, you see, sometimes it’s not about the particular desire, but the process that GOD wanted to work out in you along the way.  

It is in the process that HE takes a mirror to your soul and exposes the deep-seated things that you are yet to deal with…that if left unaddressed before you get that which you desire, will take you out…self destruction…an implosion of sorts, from which you may never recover.  The bursts of anger wasn’t dealt with after he killed the Egyptian man, so when Moses was in the wilderness, on the way to the promised land, he was provoked to the point of self-destruction…that burst of anger cost him much.  What is GOD exposing to you as you wait for that which HE has promised?  Are you dealing with it?  How? Do you know that if you leave it unaddressed, it can destroy you?  If GOD is exposing it to you, please believe, it is that volatile.  Address it. And address it now.

It is in the process that GOD reveals to you what is dear to HIM…those things that HE wants you to focus on.  It is in the process that HE reveals a deeper essence of the desires HE has placed in you,…and you begin to grow in likeness to HIM through the process.

So it all sounds abstract, maybe even vague…but consider your own situations.  What is that thing that you are so ardently holding out for…what has GOD taught you about you while you’ve been waiting?  What has HE taught you about HIMSELF?  I’ll tell you about me.  Some things GOD is working out in me. 

1. Patience…

…Boy this is a tough one.  I’ve been the ‘gimme now!’ type for a while and it’s such an immature way of being (I know L), that GOD has employed drastic measures to cut that out of me.  The surgery is ongoing, I’m definitely still under the knife lol…but I’m already feeling lighter, as I am learning to wait on HIM without grumbling, murmuring, or throwing a fit.  Oh and also (which I think is a BIG deal)…without slipping into the ‘poor-me, look at ALL that I’m going through…Oh if only they knew’ syndrome (lol).  That’s the song of losers.  Winners say ‘If the world saw what GOD is cooking up in me, they would shout HIS praises and declare HIS majesty!’ That should be your song because if you are truly surrendered, though it may not look like it yet, GOD is cooking something up in you that will blow the minds of people when the manifestation of it comes. So patience. Question:  How does this apply to you? Do you struggle with patience through the process?

2. Faith…

The truth is, if GOD always gave me what I wanted right away, though it be in alignment with HIS will, I would probably be as close to HIM as east is to west (hint: not very!) lol.  There are so many lessons I would have missed out on and I’d just be a baby with a Bugatti…no sense of how to use it, no real appreciation of it…just having it, just wasting it.  GOD has amped up my faith through the process.  I have learned to depend totally on HIM, for everything I want and need…not on my charm (I used to be a very goooood flirt…but we thank GOD for JESUS!), wit, beauty, intellect, etc. but totally on HIM.  And HE can certainly work (through) those things to my advantage, but it all boils down to HIM.  HIS Word says the heart of the king is in HIS Hands as a stream of water and HE can turn it any which way HE pleases (Prov21:1). 

And so it is HE who blesses me, and through the process, I’ve learned to trust HIM…that HE will do what HE says HE will.  It hasn’t been easy! Sometimes it’s a struggle.  The enemy will try to infiltrate your mind with thoughts contrary to the promises of GOD, but you have to take every thought captive to obey CHRIST (2Cor10:5), and that is a daily hustle for me.  How about you?  Through the process, I’ve learned to focus on HIS promises, on the goodness of GOD, and on HIS matchless love for me.  You should try it whenever you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.  Just think how good HE is, and how HE loves you (I recommend this song by JESUS Culture -Kim Walker version- HE loves us).  GOD is unchanging, and HE doesn’t renege on HIS promises.  If you remember nothing else, remember these three things: GOD loves you fiercely. GOD is sovereign.  And GOD does not renege on HIS promises.  So, I’ve learned through the process to rely entirely on HIM.  How does this apply to you?

3. Peace…

Peace is another thing I’ve learned in the process.  GOD has taught me to rest in HIM.  Instead of running helter skelter trying to figure out how it’s all going to work out, just give it to HIM and let HIM work it out as you follow HIS lead.  It is when we try to play GOD’s part that we experience unrest.  And HE knows how restless we can get and so HE says, ‘Be still and know that I am GOD; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth.’ (Ps46:10).  So, I’ve learned to give it to HIM and trust that HE loves me enough to take perfect care of me…much better than I can of me.  And I can certainly testify! (HalleluYAH! Amen!)…that HE does. 

It’s like, when you surrender, it says something that your words cannot convey…it says you truly believe that HE is GOD…LORD over every aspect of you.  You truly believe that HE’s in charge.  Peace comes much like faith when we meditate on HIS promises and consider Who HE really is.  Peace also comes when we live holy, consecrated lives.  If you are feeling unrest, it’s either you haven’t surrendered all, or you have some sin you haven’t dealt with.  And although HE forgives you (Rom4:7-8), guilt comes because you haven’t brought it to HIM in repentance and have chosen rather to cover it, or to hide yourself from HIM.

Something more about peace that I’ve learned through the process is that it is one of the first things the enemy goes for.  It can be so easy to lose if you don’t learn to have faith.  I’ve seen that even your close ones…even believers…can say things out of panic, such that, if you’re not grounded in faith, may cause you also to panic.  But you’ve got to remember GOD.  Who HE is and what HE says, and go with HIM.  Yes! Over that trusted friend, and that wise parent.  This is why it is invaluable to have a personal, intimate relationship with GOD…where you can know what HE is saying to you, and you can differentiate it from what your flesh is whispering.  Shut out every voice that is contrary to HIS, even if it is a familiar voice.  Humans can err, but GOD cannot.  What HE says has to come to pass (some when met with our faith, others not requiring our faith), so how can HE possibly be wrong.  HE couldn’t even if HE wanted to, because HIS Words are truth, and they become reality aka fact aka what we see (Heb11:3).  Has HE said “none shall be barren in the land,” (Exo23:26)?…hold fast, you will conceive as your faith meets with the promise.  Has HE said, “none shall be without her mate,” (Isaiah34:16)?…the woman/man of/to whom you are flesh and bone will locate you…so rest.  Has HE said to delight yourself in HIM and HE will give you the desires of your heart (Ps37:4)? then delight!…throughout the process, and you will see your desires manifested.

The process is a fighting process and the enemy will try to beat you down.  The KINGdom of GOD suffers violence, and the violent take it by force (Mt11:12).  And the kind of force we use in the KINGdom is not the general, superficial understanding of force.  It is a force of faith where we believe and we persist against all odds (Heb11:1, James 1:3, Heb10:36).  It is the force of ceaseless prayers (1Thess5:17, Mt17:21) even when we don’t feel like it.  It is the force of obedience, even when it is most inconvenient (Heb11:17, 1Sam15:22).  Our violence is that of holiness, which is a radical stance in a perverted world (Phil2:14-15).  It is by this that we prevail against the wiles and impositions of the enemy, and we possess that which GOD allotted for us.  It is by this that we reign as we were created to.  There is power in the process, and what you believe, say, and do during the process will influence whether or not you acquire the promise (Num14:26-30). 

It is in the process that your fruits begin to emerge.  What are they looking like?  Like SPIRIT fruit? Or more like flesh fruits? 

“…the fruit of the SPIRIT is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control…” Gal 5:22-23a ESV

Can you boast in CHRIST of any of these?  Or do you identify more quickly, readily, truthfully, with the flesh fruit of  “…sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies” etc.? Gal 5:19-21 ESV

The process reveals these things, and if you surrender, GOD begins to work them out in you so that you can come through the process purified and fit for HIS use…for after all, is that not what it’s all about?…that we are used according to HIS pleasure.

There is power in the process to mold you into the man/woman that GOD has called you to be.  It is a fighting process (one in which you must fight) but it is not a process that you should fight (not one against which you should fight).  It calls for surrender.  Surrender of yourself to GOD…such that HE can tease out the things in you that cannot continue with you without your detriment and/or the detriment of those to whom HE has sent you. 

The process, the passing through the fire, is a cleansing process, and if you surrender, you will come through refined.  There is a big picture, and it is imperative that you keep it at the forefront of your mind.  Purpose cannot be fulfilled without the process (just ask Joseph, Daniel, the three Hebrew boys aka SMA, Esther, JESUS!).  Therefore there is POWER in the PROCESS to bring about the fulfillment of purpose.  Surrender to GOD, trust HIM through the process, and you will come out as gold.

So that’s my long, seemingly endless cup of Honest Tea!  I know it didn’t have much sugar or honey, but trust me, the herbs are good for you.  P.S. remember to flush… ‘cause this one brings the mess out.  That’s that cleansing power!  lol!  I play too much.  Bye now!

Y Kumbi Y

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  1. I was greatly blessed...more annoiting..

  2. Wow... is my thought from reading this entry, but truly I feel blessed by the message. It has captured a dwelling in my knowledge. How Great is Thy God to lead me... and even the writer of this post. The message is clear and well written. I am grateful and delighted.

    Kumbi, thank you for sharing!


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