In Purple Ink


It's late... I should be asleep, but I'm not. 
Most of my writings have a point, this one doesn't.
Most of my writings are meant to be given in a clear and concise manner, so they're easily understood.
I'm not sure this one will be....
The winds picked up speed
The Sun ran and hid
The dust was sooo much that I couldn't see my feet
I didn't know where I stood
But I knew know you were there
There's a trillion thoughts racing through my mind
So many that things like dinner, running to the bank, laundry, that paper, that swim I plan Every Day... they all become insignificant
All i know is that You love me. 
I trust that tomorrow will be great.
The constant waves of the winds
I really like yellow
I really like blue
But if you want me to wear brown... I'll do it for you.
At the end of the day, what really matters?
Just You and I
That's it.
No smoke, no mirrors, no chaser
just Husband and wife
A hand and its ring
no clothes
no facades
Only. Integrity. Love. Faith. Obedience.
I understand now
I finally get it

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