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          One of the many things that makes 2012 stand out in my life is friendship... {Un momento; I hope you didn't think me and some strange man ran off in the middle of the night to say we do...No? Okay, GOOD! Carry on...Since diapers, I've been known to run around with the boys. At family functions, outings, picnics, if you're looking for Ola don't look by the girls playing with baby dolls, she's most likely running around with the guys kicking butt. I was a lil homie. A tom boy. They taught me how to fight, we wrestled, I watched them play video games (I was never big on actually playing but watching was cool), I laughed with them... I was with them most of the time. On the other hand, even though I had two friendships that I maintained from youth, me and girls just did not get along. Even those two friends, we started out as frenemies for whatever reasons. Generally though, the hassles of maintaining those female friendships were too much for me.
"Girls carry too much drama. When I'm with the guys, I'm one of them, but I'm not one of them so they don't let me in on their drama..." -yea that was something I said often growing up. Welp, I don't think God liked this much because He changed it around fast. It started a few years ago... I suddenly started making female friends in twos. 
     It was very strange to me because by the time I looked up I was like hey, me and you have been good friends for what two years now? wow. Don't get me wrong, I do not have a habit of breaking friendships on bad terms, it just always happened that we would grow a part. 
        Somehow for some reason I felt alone and started asking God for friends. It was a big deal to me. I think it was my mentor that pointed it out to me and she kept suggesting I talk to another one of her mentees, but I figured she'd be too much of a church girl for me and shrugged it off.
        Then suddenly, it seemed like I had too many friends. I had my church buddies, my clubbing buddies, and my buddies that did both clubbing & church. When it was time to get it cracking, party, dance, and drink until the sun came up, I knew who to call. When it was time to PuRayyy like the heavens were getting ready to come down, I knew who's number to dial. It seemed great, but it definitely had its awkwardness, apart from the huge dissonance that I felt, I didn't really have a single person that I could bare 100% of it all too and have them fully understand where I was coming from. Maybe it's not right for one person to know so much about you, but my main thing was I didn't feel like I had someone who could accept and understand me 100%. It was awkward because my friends were always there for me. They always had great advice and when I was down in the dumps they tried to pull me out. Somehow too, during this time period, my guy friends and I started growing apart too. It was just weird. I prayed more about friendships and just left it to God.
       Eventually thangs got rough. I tell you, there's no way you can be sorta-kinda be following Christ and sorta-kinda be doing your own thing and not have hard times. This is not to say that Believers do not have hard times, but a Believer standing on God's Word is a lot stronger than someone who's got one foot in Christianity and the other foot dancing to their own desires. Even then with my awkward gait, God still provided for me and answered my prayers at what seemed a slow rate. Only I didn't realize I was the one who was working against what God was ready to do. 
      Somehow sha, there were these sporadic moments where I was in the car with She who is now a close friend, and I'm just telling all my bidness. SMH I didn't know why, but I was up front and honest about my nonsensical doings and about how I was fed up about my own behavior. LOL I remember her response... "wow, okay." For sure I thought she thought I done kolo finish ííTranslation: I lost all my beansýý buhh #OhWell. Then another time, I was on the phone with the She that my mentor suggested as a friend.. the one that I foolishly thought was "too churchy." I remember our first phone convo! It was funny!! It made me realize we could both learn a lot from our lives. She had me cracking up but I saw truth in our convo. I saw someone who knew why my struggles were important to me, why they were frightening at times, and my strength to overcome them. 
      Mehn, that was a beautiful beginning! To date, we have grown. Not just our friendship, but our individual lives in Christ. Sharing our struggles and what makes us passionate has united us heart and soul! It's amazing how we have His Mind. There's never a time when we talk and we're not both encouraged! Or how on bad days, we just decide to check on each other! Fa Real, Iron sharpens Iron. I speak to my ladies and we inspire each other... Even through our most casual conversations, I learn a lot from them. I'm encouraged from them and I get great ideas! Sparks are always ignited when we converse.
     Oh and let me tell you about our prayer life! 1 Sam 14: 7 & 14-15 I sha noticed that when we pray on something, things always happen. What kinda things you ask? Massive things. These wonderful friendships have helped me overcome some hurdles that would have buried Ola of 2011, things that I thought would slay & delay me have been blown away like a breeze. This Ola of 2012 has a strong team. A team of active faith, courageous, bold, phenomenal and interesting women! Who woulda seen it coming? With our faiths united in 100% agreement, there's nada that can stop us! 

Again I tell you, if two of you on earth agree (harmonize together, make a symphony together) about whatever (anything and everything) they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven. -Matthew 18:19

    These awesome relationships have led me to ask God for more relationships! I need agreement like this e'erywhere! School, business, hobbies, sports... e'erywhere! And as always, He's been answering!
     Do you hear what I am saying though? I mean there is power in agreement. It's funny how through these friendships, God has shown me how tight faith should be in marriage. Imagine when we are found by great men and get blessedly married... We'll all be in agreement in His Word, unstoppable, and quite frankly, Who goin' check us boo?

P.S. read up on Mark 2. There is an amazing group of homies there that did something soo crazy and ridiculous that it caught Jesus' eye and blew the minds of everyone else that was there.

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  1. Wow... I pray for friends like this too.... Bless your heart for this write up :)


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