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Say Whhaaa: Work it Out!

Last night while I was doing some intense studying, I decided to take a break...
Yea I was going hard in the paint and I needed a second to relax. So I did like I usually do and got on twitter.
It was about 2am or so and I was surprised to see a tweet from one of my favorite poets, Ezekiel from P4CM (@wordsbyezekiel). He RT some song and I'm like let me see what this is about... 
especially because I took a whole 25 minutes on the previous study break to watch and chat about Rap Wives of Birmingham... but we won't discuss apart from asking, Can we say utmost ratchet-ness? Yet I almost finished watching that video. I couldn't decipher if they were serious or not! But hey the internet has given everybody the right to make themselves a celeb. I can't be mad at that... besides it was kinda...interesting...? o_o and yes. I know I did more than just ask a question. 
BUT Anywhoooo, I pressed play and I was cracking up but extravagantly blessed!
I emailed it to a bunch of people, posted it on FB, dropped it FB inboxes, tweeted about it, mentioned it to people via twitter and gchat. 
It's that serious.
So you know I had to share it with ya!

Sometimes it gets tough, real tough, but we need to remind ourselves "No matter what it look like, He goin' work it out!"
That remix is fye/the bomb/on point/what's up/CRACKING!
Yes, it's sweet pass the original!
LOL at that Lil Boy talking about "kesha!"
I love how P Willie (@PWillie1) stated that the song is Not acceptable for his household!
I know that's right! Be careful of the seeds that are sown! Music is a huge factor that we need to be careful about! It's not just about the beat! Whatever is being said in that music is being said into our lives and when we sing the songs, we reinforce them! Singing those songs give the seed the water it needs to GROW! 
And yes, you will produce fruit (begin to act or receive) according to those seeds!
Just as God has mouth pieces (prophets) on earth so does satan!
They both use music to speak out their will on Earth.... Who's message are you receiving? 
Who's will are you agreeing with and accepting? This also counts for tv-shows, which is why I gotta say NO to the Rap Wives of Birmingham!
It is soo important that I cannot state it enough! 
In fact I'm very convinced that satan has been using music to speak out and manifest disasters but that's surely a topic for another day...

SN: Great thing I caught eye of that wedding band, his son, and beautiful wife because that man is handsome! That definitely helped to quickly cast down anything against God's will! LOL but it's not a joke!
God bless him and his beautiful family for sharing their talent with the world! Oh and we will talk about talents... another day! 
Back to studying... again.

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  1. I loved this post and the video! Thanks for sharing!
    Now, where can I get that "Young Fly and Saved" T-Shirt?!

    1. LOL Thanks!!!! You can get em here >>>


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