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"It's gettiinnggg LAAAATTTEEEEEE!!!" Yes baby! We need to talk about this thing! Don't act like you too holy to understand na! Yessss the topic is what's on your mind when the moon has embarked on 2/3rd of its journey! Those late night hours! I mean those very late night hours. You know what I mean, saved or unsaved, the topic is sex!
I won't lie, I actually like talking about this topic but I know it makes some readers shift a little in their seats. Especially my parents x_x. Now before you go judging me and putting gasoline in my draws thinking I'm on a first class trip to hell, let us actually converse about this!
Along time ago, back in the day, during one of my previously unsuccessful celibacy attempts, one of my hardest struggles was in the middle of the night. We all know the night time is the right time! Yes ohh! But what do you do when your body is calling but ya mindddd yeaa ya mind is telling you nooooo!!!! Yes I'm singing. I told you I like this topic of sex!
Yes God expects us to live holy and our spirits are recreated at new birth (Galatians 5:17) but this flesh can be very temperamental and tends to shout loudly at times, and I mean very loudly. 
So what exactly is the solution? 
How do you keep from falling?
How do you silence that very loud desire in the middle of the night?
Alright na, are you ready? I have got some tips! What authorizes me to give tips on this? Because I am single, I have been there and done that which means I can identify with others who have or are struggling in this area. What's more is that I am joyfully living holy. Yep, I have finally gotten it right! Apart from that, I own this little tea shop! If everybody else is selling a bunch of hot nonsense I do believe I have the right to share some Honest Tea
Firstly, let's be honest. How badly do you want to overcome these desires? I've learned you really have to be serious about your walk of abstinence. What happens if your ideal partner walks right up to you this very instant, taps you on the shoulder and says, "I think we need to exercise some late night gymnastics and go half on a baby..." What would your response be? Ignore my cheesy approach and honestly give an answer.
If your answer is, "what we waiting for..." then um STOP! You need to renew your mind (Romans 12:1-2) and come and read this later!
If your answer is, "Ohh? Well, maybe before I would have given in to such a great offer, but right now my priorities are elsewhere." Then by all means continue reading!
Making a conscious decision to seriously live holy is extremely important. It doesn't make the journey anymore easier, but it does help you stay motivated to keep fighting.

Secondly, you need to let your Creator know you need help! You cannot do this on your own! Trust me, I tried! His promise to you is to give you a way out of temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13)! TAKE IT! Implementing this step definitely made me successful in my walk of holiness. It really is as simple as calling out to your Sustainer.

Thirdly, desires like this don't just spring up at the spur of the moment. What is your thought life like during the day? What are you keeping on your mind? Fighting sexual desires is an around the clock battle. You actively have to be aware of keeping your mind pure. Comprehend that as a believer, you have the responsibility and right to breakdown anything that stands against His will for your life, including your very own thoughts. Note that I said breakdown, this doesn't mean unpure thoughts won't arise. We are human and there are many of us that are beautiful. But when these thoughts arise, what do you do is the question! You need to actively put those thoughts aside. Recognize them as wrong and choose not to dwell on them.
Also, make sure that you get rid of things that once stimulated your sexual desires. Dare I say it... Don't I always? Get rid of toys*, magazines, delete those dirty bookmarks, stop watching those seemingly safe yet potential harmful tv shows, the garbage is calling all of 'em including those romance novels and sex enhancing songs... yea I said it! Robin Thicke knew what he was doing by naming that album sex therapy & Trey was not playing when he said, "bottoms up!" 
Some sex enhancing music may be appropriate when married, but right now, in single's Rehab;
Every last minute trace!
Every time you expose yourself to any of these, even the tiniest one that seems almost* innocent, you feed the lust inside of your spirit.

Fourthly, have a plan! Yes! I know you know how to plan! You always have plans for when uncomfortable scenarios arise *cough* so you need to have a plan for when temptation arises!
What are you going to do? Do you see how this tiny question is so intricately important? Which friend, brother, sister, pastor, classmate, parent are you going to call? Do you have a safe book to read? Maybe even an exercise routine. Let your friends that you agree with know your struggle! It is real mayne! Let them know how they can play a part in your success. Do Something! 
Here are two things you Will Not Do:
Do not call ya ex-boo/lover/that-one-friend-you-just-happen-to-always-flirt-with
Neither will you turn on your laptop or devices make it easy to do thangs you once did.
If that means canceling the internet subscription on your iphone and turning off your internet router before you sleep, then take that step. This is your destiny we are discussing!
No current suffering or condition can be compared to what He has planned for you! Don't allow yourself to miss it!

I am by far not perfect, but these are key things that have worked for me.
See, here in Rehab we can talk and discuss.
Are you now living holy? Let us chat! Let me know what has worked for you!
Comment below or send me an email:
Hey even if you're currently fighting the battle (not that it ever ends but you do become stronger and better at fighting) and need some advice or even some prayers sent up on you're behalf, feel free to comment below, if your bold, or write me an email!

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