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Well looky here! Yes na, a new section! By now you should know what that means... It be like say, we get new flavors to offer! Yesss! Any organization that plans on success and growth considers different ways to satisfy its audience.
Photographer: RHPhotoarts
Bride (yep this is her wedding dress!): J'Antae
Originally Posted in Munaluchi Bridal Magazine
 I don't own this photo, but I love it.
A Queen running things in her castle with her King!

Similarly, a wise and virtuous woman considers a new business venture before she buys and accepts it. Once she has selected her venue she invests in it so it produces fruit and prospers Proverbs 31:16. How do I know? Because I walk with quite a few virtuous women filled with integrity, strength, and faith. I had to allow them to enter the kitchen and begin to brew things for you, different flavors to satisfy your taste buds. You know I'm always looking out for you na.

Expect to see, taste, and know that virtuous women do not only exist in archaic scrolls or museums but they actually walk amongst you.

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